He was angry when Bihar Minister Jivesh Mishra’s car was stopped by the police in the Assembly premises

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  • Minister Jivesh Mishra got angry when the vehicle was stopped
  • Said – I will not come home until the suspension

The riots continue even in the winter session of Bihar Assembly. Now, Labor Resources Minister Jivesh Mishra was on his way to the assembly when he was stopped by the police. Minister Jivesh Mishra, outraged at the attitude of the police, said, “I will not go to the House until action is taken against the officer.”

On the fourth day of the assembly, Minister Jivesh Mishra was on his way to the assembly from the BJP quota when he was stopped by the police. After this, Jivesh Mishra got angry and started cursing the police. He said that his vehicle was stopped from coming to the assembly due to SP and DM of Patna.

Angrily, Labor Resources Minister Jivesh Mishra said, “We are the government. I was stopped for SP and DM.” He said that where is the law to stop the vehicles of ministers due to the vehicles of SP and DM? I will not enter the house unless the officer stopping the vehicle is suspended.

Minister Jivesh Mishra said that he will go to the House only after the suspension of the officer. He said a policeman stopped the vehicle and the vehicle of DM and SP drove off in front. Jeevesh Mishra, outraged by the attitude of the police officer, said he would not enter the hall till action is taken against the officer.

‘Bureaucracy at peak in Bihar’

In this case, JDU MLA Gopal Mandal said, “The constable who stopped the minister’s car is a bit mental and action must be taken against him.” Not only that, but what would happen if my car stopped, he said. At the same time, Congress MLC Premchand Mishra said that bureaucracy is at its peak.

Former Chief Minister Rabadi Devi said that bureaucracy has reached its peak in Bihar.

Mutiny in Bihar Legislative Assembly

DM and SP caused a commotion in the Bihar Assembly after Minister Jivesh Mishra stopped his vehicle. The Opposition Minister landed in Vail to get justice for Jivesh Kumar. Minister Jivesh Mishra asked if the Minister is big or DM-SP?

Earlier, a scuffle broke out between RJD MLA Bhai Virendra and BJP MLA Sanjay Saravgi in the Assembly premises. The two were also abusive. Bhai Virendra had used the word ‘fake birth’ for BJP MLA Sanjay Saravgi. This time the people present mediated.