Health officials are trained in the Co-WIN vaccine management system – gurugram

From tracking beneficiaries for the Covid-19 vaccine to monitoring its supply and storage in real time, Gurugram health department officials are training in the Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network (Co-WIN) – a digital platform that will be a repository for information. management of Covid-19 vaccination in the coming months. Initially, officials said, the Covid-19 vaccine will be provided only to beneficiaries registered by the authorities on Co-WIN, with a self-registration option that could be added at a later stage.

To this end, district health department officials, who have been trained by the state for the past two days on Covid-19 vaccine guidelines, will provide training on December 17 to their physicians, representatives of the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP) ), Gurugram Corporation and other health care employees regarding the use of Co-WIN.

“Everything about the Covid-19 vaccine is related to the Co-WIN platform,” said Dr. MP Singh, a district immunization officer who attended the two-day statewide training on vaccination against Covid-19 that ended on Tuesday. “Co-WIN is the expansion of the existing electronic vaccine network (eVIN), which is a real-time platform to track the supply and storage of vaccines used in the routine immunization program,” he said.

Functions and operations

Co-WIN keeps track of everything – from managing the inventory (supply and storage) of vaccines, monitoring the temperature in the cold chain system, registering beneficiaries, the date and time of vaccination and the final certificate at the end of vaccination.

“At the district level, it will have all the details of the session sites along with the list of beneficiaries who will be inoculated at a particular site at some point,” Singh said.

According to the guidelines, the Covid-19 vaccine will only be provided to beneficiaries registered on Co-WIN. The process has already begun with the registration of medical workers in the district. More than 36,000 beneficiaries of the first phase vaccine are already registered on the Co-WIN platform. The process of registering front-line workers, who are part of the priority group, has not yet begun.

According to Singh, with the help of Co-WIN, they will associate together at least 100 beneficiaries on the site of the inoculation session. “Currently, we have a list of health workers in private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and diagnostic laboratories. Through the application, 100 beneficiaries will receive a designated session site, along with the date and time of vaccination, ”Singh said.

Likewise, for the second dose of Covid-19 vaccine, the portal will generate the date and time. “And once the vaccination is complete, it will also generate a certificate that people can collect at the Common Service Center (CSC),” Singh said.

The digital platform will have the list of officers and supervisors who will administer the vaccine. “Through the application, the vaccinating officers will check the beneficiary registered at the meeting place. Only after authentication will people be inoculated, “Singh said.

Proof of identity should correspond to the details provided during registration on the Co-WIN platform.

The vaccination team at the meeting premises will consist of five members. A vaccination officer, who will be authorized to administer the vaccine; the vaccination officer 1 (police personnel, civil defense) who will make the registration; the vaccination officer 2, who will check the identification documents; vaccination officers 3 and 4, who will be responsible for managing the crowd.

Self-registration on Co-WIN

The portal will also have a self-registration link for others who are not currently covered by the priority population. But self-registration will be available in later stages of implementation, according to the Covid-19 guidelines. Citizens will need to provide basic details such as name, date of birth, permanent and current address, details of comorbidities, along with an identity card.

Planning ahead

The district health department will also contact the deputy commissioner on the Co-WIN platform and other aspects of vaccination on December 18, as part of the working group meeting, to discuss workforce issues, identify meeting places , such as community centers, schools and banquet halls, in addition to the 1,275 existing places used for routine immunization.

“MCG will be connected to provide the list of front-line workers who will need to be registered on the Co-WIN platform. They will be seconded as vaccination officers, who will assist in several stages of vaccination, from document verification to keeping track of adverse events after immunization, ”said Dr. Virender Yadav.