How to complete each Gnome challenge in week 5

Fortnite Season 5 continues to cool, along with the challenges of Week 5 that are now added to the game. While some of this week’s challenges are fairly simple, most focus again on gnomes. Fortunately, if you want to check out all of these Gnome challenges on your to-do list this week, we’re here to help.

In total, Fortnite will assign you three targets in week 5 involving gnomes. One will need you to dig them up, and another will ask you to collect them in Fort Crumpet, Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park. The latter will then need to bury them again in Pleasant Park or Retail Row.

For starters, let’s talk about what you should keep an eye on when it comes to digging. Buried gnomes will appear in the game as bright, blue mounds of dirt. When you head to Fort Crumpet to find these little ones buried, you should find them both on the lower floor of the complex. From here, you’ll want to head to Pleasant Park, where you’ll find a bearded friend in the middle of this location, while the second one is in a garden in front of a house.

When you reach the second Gnome challenge, you will then want to return to Fort Crumpet. The first of the two you need to collect here can be found hidden under a ladder, while the second will sit next to the cash register at the gift shop. Both should be relatively easy to notice. The other two are then hidden at Holly Hedges and are again not too hard to find. The first will be in a garden south of this area, while the next is next to the holiday tree that appears in the center of this section.

Once you have dug up and collected these first Gnomes, the last challenge associated with these lawn decorations will make you bury them for you. Yes, you dug them up just to push them back into the land they came from. Fortunately, with this challenge, you can choose to bury the gnomes in either Pleasant Park or Retail Row.

To make things easier, since we’ve talked about this before, let’s look specifically at the Pleasant Park location. The first of these burial places can be found in a small dirt field, close to the middle of the area. It is next to a tree and in front of a park bench. The second can be found again next to a tree in the northwest corner of the location in front of a house. Pay attention to some visible piles of dirt in both cases.

And that should be it! Again, there are a handful of additional challenges to complete by week 5, but you should be able to tackle them on your own. We hope this quick guide should help you get your Gnome tasks done quickly Fortnite before these boys inevitably get back on the road.