How to fix Halo Infinite lock on your computer

Halo Infinite may have had a relatively clean release in terms of bugs, but many gamers face issues such as PC crashes. The good news is that the community discovered some fixes shortly after they got their hands on the game.

There are several reasons why a player’s Halo Infinite may constantly crash on your PC. Some have to do with the files in the game, and some may be from the end of the developer. However, blocking issues are always a burden when you enjoy a new game, and Halo Infinite is no different.

Halo Infinite PC Lock Troubleshooting Methods

For starters, players may try a method that normally works on most computer games when blocking is an issue. They may need to check the game files, especially after a new update, which can be done quickly on the Steam platform.

First, players will need to open the steam and go to their game library to search for Halo Infinite. At this point, right-click Halo Infinite and search for the tab properties section. Here, players can select the file check option and let Steam run the game. This should update everything and make sure that the game files work accordingly.

When players try to fix things like checking files, they won’t always work, which is the case with most computer crash issues. If gamers want to try uninstalling as a last resort, this is definitely an option that can fix some of the files. However, there is another solution that has been successfully promoted in Halo Infinite.

Remove high-resolution textures to fix crashes in Halo Infinite

The players noticed fairly quickly that one of the main aspects of Halo Infinite that causes crashes was the high resolution textures. These textures are automatically downloaded and copied into the game when Halo Infinite is installed on your computer.

These textures seem to cause a lot of crashes, in addition to causing frame rate issues for players of all kinds. Many players have deleted these files and found great success in their game performance.

To remove them, players can go back to the properties, but instead go to the DLC section of the game. Uncheck the High-Res texture pack and reload Halo Infinite. This should fix the crashes if the file verification doesn’t work.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha