Hrithik Roshan’s mother Pinky Roshan shared a photo of her monokani with husband Rakesh Roshan and Susan Khan’s comment went viral

Pinky Roshan, wife of filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, has shared some photos and videos from her Instagram account while having fun in the pool with her husband. This photo shows Pinky wearing a layer of black. Rakesh Roshan looks like Charlotte. Actor Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Suzanne Khan have also commented on the parents having fun in the pool. Interestingly, Rakesh Roshan himself has given his reaction to his wife’s post. This photo and commentary of Roshan family has now gone viral on social media.

In the photo shared by Pinky with Rakesh Roshan, they are both standing in the middle of the lake and posing. Sharing this photo, Pinky wrote in the caption, “My life partner, I am proud to be your wife.

Rakesh Roshan’s reaction

Commenting on this funny caption of Pinky Roshan, Rakesh Roshan said “My wife darling, don’t forget you are right with Mr. Charming!” Rakesh also shared Wink Emoji with comments.

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Hrithik – Suzanne’s reaction

On Rakesh Roshan’s comment, his son actor Hrithik wrote ‘haha’ while applauding his mother’s post. Hrithik’s reaction shows that he is very happy to see these comments and photos of his parents. Speaking about the comments of interior designer Suzanne Khan, she wrote on this post, “Very cute and cool photos”. In addition to all this, Pinky’s niece Pashmina Roshan also reacted by writing “Haha cutest”.

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Video of Pinky-Rakesh

Following the photo, Pinky shared a video of herself walking around the surface of the water with her yoga partner. Fans love this video of theirs. Watch the video here …