Hyderabad girl forcibly married to a 56-year-old man rescued by police

The groom, Abdul Lateef Paramban, who is from Kerala, is missing (representative)


A 16-year-old woman from Hyderabad, forcibly married to a 56-year-old man from Kerala on Sunday, was rescued by the Hyderabad police. The “aunt” who married the girl, the intermediaries who played brokers and arranged the marriage and Qazi who solemnized the marriage, “knowing she was wrong”, were arrested, said a senior police officer.

Abdul Rahman and Waseem Khan, who acted as intermediaries, and Qazi Mohammad Badiyuddin Quadri of Malakpet, who solemnized the nikaah, were arrested and sent to prison.

The groom, Abdul Lateef Paramban, who is from Kerala, is missing.


The girl’s mother is dead and her father is said to be in bed. Her cousin was the one who filed a complaint with the state police, after which the repression took place.

“Aunt”, in fact, a distant relative – Hoorunnisa allegedly took 2.5 lakh from the man who wanted to get married. He kept 1.5 lakhs for her and gave the rest to the brokers and clergy who solemnized the marriage.

Falaknuma police filed a case of rape and sexual assault on the minor under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sex Offenses). Another case was also filed under sections 9 and 10 of the Law on the Prohibition of Child Marriage.

There is also a case of fraud and forgery against Hoorunnisa, because she used documents of the older sister of the 16-year-old girl to marry the youngest.