Hyundai 2021 Price Hike – Crete By Rs. 27,335 and location of Rs. 25.672

With the start of a new year, Hyundai will increase the prices of its cars on the Indian market, in the range of Rs. 7,521 to Rs. 32.880

Most Indian carmakers have announced an effective price increase 1St. January 2021 further. Hyundai India did the same, with an increase in prices between Rs. 7,521 and Rs. 32,880, depending on the model. These revised prices will also apply to all vehicles that have not been delivered by 31St. December 2020.

Raising the price of vehicles at the beginning of a year is a common practice, mainly due to rising manufacturing costs, etc. This also helps increase sales in the last month of the year. Many people prefer to wait a little longer and deliver their car early next year, as it slightly improves the resale value.

Hyundai Verna will see the biggest price increase – Rs. 32.880. The next row is Crete, which will see an increase of Rs. 27,335, while the price of the place will increase by Rs. 25.672. Aura will suffer a hike of Rs. 11,745 for all except CNG variants, which will see an increase of Rs. 17.988.

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As for the Grand i10 Nios, its CNG variants will receive a price increase of Rs. 14,556, while the price of all other variants will increase by Rs. 8652. The entry-level Santro and the premium i20 will see an increase of Rs. 9,112 and Rs. 7,521, respectively. Price growth seems a bit steep, especially for Crete, Venue and Verna.

Interestingly, Elantra and Tucson were exempted from the price increase. Hyundai plans to launch some new cars in the Indian market very soon. Of these, Crete with 7 seats (Alcazar) is the most awaited. It will use the same platform as Crete and will be available with the same engine and transmission options.

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The Hyundai Kona EV facelift is also expected to arrive in 2021 and we could see how the AX micro-SUV debuts later. In addition, Hyundai’s global flagship, the Palisade, is expected to hit the Indian market very soon.