Identify the health centers in each block to check for side effects: Center

Written by Sheriff Kaunain M | New Delhi |

December 16, 2020 1:41:05

Health Secretary Bhushan said guidelines for cold chain management at the latest cold chain points and session locations have also been issued to states.

UNDERLINING the potential challenges of serious side effects that could be triggered by Covid-19 vaccines during next year’s largest adult immunization campaign, the central government said on Tuesday that it had instructed all states to identify at least one health center in the country. each level of the block that would be linked to the vaccination center for the management of such adverse events.

During the weekly meeting on the pandemic, Health Union Secretary Rajesh Bhushan reiterated that the deadline for vaccination will not be affected in the context of the Medicines Regulatory Authority, which is currently examining the applications of the three vaccine manufacturers who have applied for emergency authorization. their vaccines.

“The Committee of Experts examined the three requests and requested additional data. Based on the additional data, the regulatory authority will take a call (when granting the emergency use authorization). We do not believe that this process of examining applications by the regulatory authority will have any impact on the vaccination schedule. ” he said.

He said that the United Kingdom, the first country to start vaccination, reported adverse events on the very first day and that “it is very important that state governments are well prepared on this issue.”

“The adverse event after immunization (AEFI) is a critical issue. There is a possibility of reporting adverse events during the Covid-19 vaccination action … The center gave detailed instructions on practices for preventing and controlling infections during vaccination. States were directed to identify at least one AEFI management center in each block; this center can be a primary health center, a community health center, a district hospital or a private health unit. Each session site will be mapped to a designated AEFI management center, “said Bhushan.

Dr. VK Paul, member, NITI Aayog, stressed that the additional mechanism for reporting adverse events is being implemented, taking into account the unique challenge of vaccinating a large adult population, most of whom will have associated comorbidities.

“First of all, this is a vaccine for adults. Our AEFI system was designed for children and women; these vaccinations (under the universal immunization program) take place in a certain way. When you want to deal with adults, the practical aspects have to be addressed. Second, we should remember that these vaccines are on new platforms. Third, more vaccines will be used. This brings complexity. Also, an authorization to use the vaccine urgently brings an even more responsible behavior “, said Paul.

“Finally, when we look for a new vaccine, there will be new issues, new side effects and new situations that need to be considered. Some vaccines can cause an allergic reaction; another could cause a high fever. Therefore, there are always nuances in the side effects – and this must be taken into account in the new vaccines “, he said. Above all, this time, a very large number of target groups will be vaccinated in a short time. Therefore, it needs to be built on the standard principles of AEFI and be specific to the fuller size of Covid-19 vaccine requirements. “

Health Secretary Bhushan said guidelines for cold chain management at the latest cold chain points and session locations have also been issued to states. “We will use 29.00 points for the cold chain, 240 coolers, 70 freezers, 45,000 ice refrigerators, 41,000 freezers and 300 solar refrigerators. All this equipment has already reached the states; In addition, additional equipment will be provided to the states, “he said.

“All 36 states and UTs have concluded meetings of the steering committee, as well as the state working group for Covid-19. The 633 district working group chaired by the district magistrate also held meetings. The training module for medical officers, vaccinators, cold chain handlers, supervisors, data managers and ASHA coordinators was also completed, ”he said.

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