I’m sorry Ben Stokes: ICC in friendly games with Ben Stokes over the ICC test team of the Decade cover

Ben Stokes received a “wide, green cap” from the ICC after being named to the ICC’s top body decade test team. The England international was not impressed and engaged in social media games.

ICC and Ben Stokes in friendly mockery of the ICC test team of the Decade cover (Kindness: Ben Stokes Instagram)


  • England, Ben Stokes, was named in the ICC Test and ODI teams of the decade
  • It seems that Ben Stokes was not impressed by the “Baggy Green” cover he received
  • Stokes and ICC were involved in a funny mockery on social media

Ben Stokes was certainly one of the most influential cricketers of the last decade and was rightly rewarded by the International Cricket Council which named him in both the ICC tests and the ODI teams of the decade.

The ICC handed out caps to players who have been named on their teams for the decade, and England’s Ben Stokes was unimpressed by the one he received for ICC Decade Testing Team honor.

Ben Stokes entered social media and revealed that the ICC test team of the Decade cover resembles the Baggy Green cover of Australia, which are the archives of England.

“Very proud of both covers, one of them just doesn’t look right, it’s kind of BAGGY and GREEN thank you (sic),” Stokes wrote as he shared photos of the two covers on social media.

The ICC responded with a meme, engaging in a funny mockery of Ben Stokes. The body of the top apologized, but with an eye on the message.

Stokes had a phenomenal year in 2019 in which he wrote the script for England’s spectacular comeback on Australia in the ashes. His Headingley shot remains one of the biggest test innings today.

Stokes also played a crucial role in helping England win the 2019 World Cup. His 84th birthday did not come in a thrilling chase that led to an evenly matched Super Over, helping England seal. the title of the girl.