IND vs AUS: Langer made it clear – will not face Kohli, will try to make a special plan – IND vs Aus

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  • Kohli will play the first match of a four-match series
  • After that, you will go home on paternity leave
  • “Captain Kohli has to stop scoring runs,” Langer said

Australia coach Justin Langer said on Tuesday that his team would take a special approach against Virat Kohli in the first Test starting on Thursday in La Dale. Kohli will play the first match of a four-match series. After that, he will go home on paternity leave.

Langer said, ‘He’s a great player and an equally great captain. I have a lot of respect for him, but special strategies need to be devised for him. As captain and batsman, we know how important he is to the Indian team.

At the virtual press conference, he said, ‘Implementing strategy is just as important. They should be prevented from running. However, he can make the most impact with the batsman. So far we have understood and seen a lot of them and that too for us.

Langer said his team will focus on technique and find ways to force them instead of confronting Kohli.

He said, ‘We will try to get Virat out, he is such a great player that we are not talking about making him a badass. It’s silly, we play on skills, not emotions. You have to control your emotions.

Justin Langer and national selector Trevor Hones chat with Steven Smith and Nathan Lyon (Getty)

Australia have played more pink ball matches than India, but this will not benefit their team, Langer said. He said, ‘I have always said that the best teams and players adapt to the situation. No matter how big the match is and no matter what color the ball is. It will not make much difference what happened in the past, but it would be better to repeat it.

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The coach said, ‘We haven’t played a Test in over a year. You have to do well on the field. So be it day or night encounter or day. I don’t think past performance matters. ‘

The hosts had to face defeat in the 2018-19 series, but Langer said his players have no sense of revenge. “Revenge is not a very good word, it would be okay to say rivalry,” he said.

The credit of the Indian Premier League (IPL) enhances mutual coordination and sportsmanship among the players. The coach said, “The limited overs series was played in a very good atmosphere and I hope it will continue. They will play competitive cricket, but sportily. The advantage of IPL is that the players get to know each other. Good relationships are formed.