India vs Australia: SCG chief insists third test will be safe as COVID-19 concerns Cricket News

SYDNEY: Amid fears that Sydney Cricket Ground, which is hosting the third test between India and Australia, could trigger an increase in Covid-19 cases, Tony Shepherd, president of New South Wales, has backed the decision to allow fans to watch the long-awaited Pink Test.
Plans for up to 50% of the site’s capacity to take part in the Sydney test have raised concerns among health experts, who are worried it could continue to contribute to a virus outbreak that has since spread to Victoria. The state reacted on Thursday by announcing that it will close its border with NSW completely at 23.59 on Friday, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.
Under current NSW health restrictions, a daily crowd of about 19,000 can take the test when it starts on January 7th.
“It’s not like a million people throwing around Sydney Harbor on New Year’s Eve. It’s a totally different environment. We wouldn’t let a crowd in if we thought it was dangerous. We didn’t have a single broadcast among the fans on a stadium since COVID-19 entered the stage, “The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Shepherd as saying.
“We have strict protocols, we check where people come from, we receive QR codes, we have social distances, we have a lot of safety, people can’t interfere on the stadium and have to stay in part in the stands. We think we have a very safe stadium and we wouldn’t open it if we didn’t think it wasn’t. We don’t want to have that on our heads, “he added.
India tied the four-match series at Melbourne Cricket Ground on Tuesday, and the victory also secured the visitors one step closer to the World Test Championship final.
Cricket Australia confirmed on Tuesday that the pink test between Australia and India will remain at the Sydney Cricket Ground according to schedule.
“The decision to keep the New Year’s test in its traditional place was made after a few days of meetings that considered the impact of the recent COVID-19 outbreak on Sydney’s northern beaches,” Cricket Australia said in a statement.