IPL 2021: The story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s 10 bad runs against Kolkata will sink into the grief of the fans. Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni criticized the Kolkata Knight Riders

Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni’s performance against Kolkata Knight Riders would not have made his fans believe.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been the captain of Chennai Super Kings since 2008.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s fans were waiting for a long time, Mahi came first to bat. The former cricket coach kept on expressing the idea that Dhoni should bat in the top order. In such a scenario, when Chennai Super Kings lost their second wicket in the match against Kolkata Knight Riders on Wednesday, the fans were not happy to see MS Dhoni’s footsteps on the field. However, by the time Dhoni returned to the pavilion after scoring 17 off 8 balls, the joy had turned into surprise and sadness. Behind all this are the 10 runs scored by Dhoni in this match, which gave the message somewhere that Dhoni’s stage is now gone. It tells me what the matter is.

Everyone knows that MS Dhoni has been in bad shape for many days. In such a situation, when Mahi batted at number four, Chennai had 21 balls to spare. In such a situation, Mahi was ready for an aggressive batting phase. In Sunil Narine’s over, Dhoni played the first ball and took a run by pulling a shot towards the point. This shot was played under full control. But after that, Dhoni scored the next 10 runs, those shots Dhoni had no control over the most aggressive batsmen in the world. He is also on the bowling that Dhoni is sending off the field to hit a complete six in his career. The same thing was heartbreaking for his fans.

This was Dhoni’s struggle

The next ball played by Dhoni after Sunil Narine’s over was a free hit. Narine gave the ball under Dhoni’s bat. Mahi also pushed the bat with full force, but the ball took the edge of the bat and went to the boundary of the thirdman for three runs behind the wicket. It was a ball that Dhoni has the ability to hit sixes in his sleep. After this, Dhoni tried to pull the short pitch ball in the famous over, but the ball went to the midwicket with the edge of the bat. Here Dhoni scored two runs. After that, on another slow ball in the same over, Dhoni turned the bat and hit a six towards midwicket. But even here, Dhoni’s bat did not help him. This time the ball took the edge of the bat and Kolkata Knight Riders wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik was dismissed for four. Thus, Dhoni scored 10 of the first 11 runs. This was not the method for which Mahi is known. Therefore, Dhoni is expected to look old in the upcoming matches.

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