Joe Biden for the US Administration of 200 million doses of vaccine: I did it today

“The progress we’ve made has been amazing,” said Joe Biden.


President Joe Biden on Wednesday hailed his government’s “amazing” achievement in delivering 200 million Covid-19 vaccines to the United States ahead of schedule.

Biden said the milestone had been reached a week before reaching his administration’s 100-day mark – the deadline he had announced to meet the 200 million dose challenge.

“I did it today, today I hit 200 million photos,” he said in a televised White House speech. This is “an incredible achievement for the nation.”

Biden called the 200 million shots in 100 days an “unparalleled goal in the world or in previous mass vaccination efforts in American history.”

“The progress we have made has been amazing,” he said.

Announcing a tax cut to encourage companies to give all employees a day off for vaccinations, Biden said the country is still “on track” to be able to celebrate Independence Day on July 4 in relative normalcy.

But he warned that rising infection rates in parts of the country showed it was too early to declare victory.

“If we give up now and stop being vigilant, this virus will erase progress,” he said.

While the United States is leading the world in Covid-19 deaths, it has also advanced in vaccination stakes, surpassing some major European countries and neighboring Canada.

Biden took office on January 20, initially vowing to receive 100 million photos in his first 100 days. On March 25, with vaccination deliveries well ahead of their targets, he doubled the target.

Starting in May, all states will be required to lift restrictions on eligibility for access to free photos. Many have already done that.

The wetting of the holiday season in the White House is an increase in infection rates in parts of the country, including Michigan.

However, death rates remain declining nationally due to the high vaccination rate among the elderly and improved care.

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