Krishna Abhishek has viralized a photo of his wife Kashmira Shah in a bikini on social media

Actress Kashmiri Shah is in the news because of her bold pictures. Krishna Abhishek has shared a photo of his wife Kashmiri on social media, which is going terribly viral. Kashmiri Shah’s bold style is loved by the fans in the picture.

Pictured is Kashmiri Shah posing hot in a bikini-laden pond. Sharing this photo on Instagram, Krishna wrote in the caption, “We are always proud of you and I know you will continue to do so. This foolish attitude of yours will take you to different places. Love you cash. “This photo of Kashmir is being liked and shared.

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Recently, Kashmiri Shah spoke openly about his transformation. He said he worked hard to keep his body fit. Speaking to e-Times, Kashmira said, “When I was shopping in the US with Krishna once, I realized that I could not fit in small and medium sizes. Then I felt that I had gained weight significantly. Kashmira said that Krishna’s cousin encouraged them.

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Kashmira said I started eating in small portions and in 15 days I lost 3 kg. It boosted my confidence and then I started exercising a lot. After the lockdown, I also started wearing a mask at home, so I didn’t eat too much. My weight was kg kg till the lockdown was lifted and today my weight is .556..4 kg. I am proud that I have achieved my goal.