KRK mocks Deepika Padukone by comparing her to former Pakistan cricketer Rameez Raja

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  • KRK mocked Deepika’s look
  • KRK has compared Deepika’s look to that of a former Pakistan cricketer
  • In this movie Ranveer is in Kapil Dev’s look

Fans are excited about Ranveer Singh’s much awaited movie ’83’. As soon as the trailer of 83 came out, everyone from celebs to fans were amazed to see Ranveer Singh in Kapil Dev’s look. In the trailer, Ranveer’s eye-catching look like Kapil Dev and his energetic acting made the eyes of the fans water. I also like Deepika’s look in this movie. But KRK has now ridiculed Deepika’s look in the film.

KRK has compared Deepika’s look to a former cricketer named PAK

Where Ranveer Singh has played the role of Kapil Dev in 83 films. Deepika will be seen in the role of Kapil Dev’s wife Romi Bhatia. Like Ranveer, Deepika has tried her best to match Romi Bhatia’s look and her look is also liked by the fans. But KRK has ridiculed the actress by comparing Deepika’s look in the film with Rameez Raja’s look.

KRK shared a photo of Ranveer and Deepika’s look in the film and tweeted – Kapil Dev and Rameez Raj look good in this photo.

Who is Ramiz Raja?

Rameez Raja is a former Pakistani cricketer. If you have seen Rameez Raja, his hairstyle is similar to that of Deepika in 83 films. Maybe this is the reason why KRK has ridiculed the actress by describing Deepika’s look as Rameez Raja.

How is the trailer of 83?
Talking about 83, the trailer of the movie has become a super hit and people have called it historic. The trailer of the film will take you on a journey through the world of cricket in India as it makes history and meets the expectations of the fans. In this journey you will also see struggles, victories and defeats.