Lahanu Dada Tractor Wala Chotu comedy video is number one in youtube Top Trending Video 2020 Year End 2020

‘Chhotu Dada Tractor Wala’ in YouTube’s Top Trending Videos List

New Delhi:

Year 2020: YouTube has released the list of Top Trending Videos of 2020 (YouTube Top Trending Videos 2020). YouTube’s list includes videos that made a splash in 2020. But the most eye-catching video on this list is Chhotu Dada. Chhotu Dada was so popular on YouTube that his video came in second in terms of popularity. Chhotu Dada’s comedy video ‘Chhotu Dada Tractor Wala’ is at the second position in the list of top trending videos on YouTube.

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The video of ‘Chhotu Dada Tractor Wala’ has been viewed 21 crore 74 lakh times so far. As such, this video ranks second and this comedy video has a huge fan following. Chhotu Dada is a big name on YouTube and his fan following is also amazing. But at number one on this list is Carrie Minati’s video ‘YouTube vs. Tickstock: The End’.


On the other hand, if we talk about the tenth video, the name of the TV comedy serial ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Aulta Chashmah’ (Tarak Mehta Ka Aulta Chashma) comes up in it. This video is of Valentine’s Day special in which Tappu has proposed to Sonu. This video has been viewed more than 50 million times.