“Lampard begins to sound like Mourinho’s mentor” – Chelsea are in the race for the Premier League title, says Hoddle

The Blues boss says talking about a challenge for the crown is “ridiculous”, but one of his predecessors considers these comments to be mind-boggling.

Frank Lampard is starting to sound like his Chelsea managerial mentor, Jose Mourinho, says Glenn Hoddle, along with the Blues in a Premier League title race, despite their manager saying the debate is “ridiculous”.

Amid considerable investment during the summer transfer window, Stamford Bridge are under pressure to force their way back into the domestic supremacy dispute.

A positive start was made in that search, with the strange collision of the road hit along the way.

Lampard has tried to limit expectations at regular intervals, with Chelsea legend keen to point out that he is working on long-term goals in west London.

Hoddle believes these comments are part of the mind games that have become commonplace in modern football, with few bosses ready to discuss their parties’ claims for the top prize.

Former Blues boss Mourinho, who liked Lampard for many years playing trophies, has made a career out of distracting from the alleged task at hand.

One of his protégés is now taking a similar approach, with Hoddle considering that Chelsea and Tottenham will be there or where major honors will be awarded in May.

The former Blues and Spurs player and coach told him Evening Standard when asked Lampard about the minimization title: “It’s a bit like Jose Mourinho saying that Tottenham are like a ‘little pony’ in the race, compared to purebred horses. I see where Frank is coming from.

“But if there is ever a season in which anyone can win the Premier League, it could be this year. Just look at last weekend’s results.

“Now Chelsea have brought in Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Hakim Ziyech, they have incredible firepower, and they have brought in Thiago Silva and they have brought in a goalkeeper who seems to have sorted out their defensive problems.

“I understand why Frank underestimates him and yes, Liverpool and Manchester City are still the favorites, but Chelsea and Tottenham have a chance to fight.”

Chelsea suffered a 1-0 defeat to Everton in their last outing in the Premier League, but remain in fifth place in the standings and return with just three points to Spurs and Liverpool.