Latest Hindi News: Happy New Year 2021 Celebrations Live Update in India and the World – New Year Celebrations 2021: First New Year’s Games in New Zealand, Strong Preparations to Welcome the New Year in Other Countries, Know the Complete Situation

As the hands of the clock touched at 12 o’clock on the night of December 31st. Similarly, the New Year’s reception started with fireworks and alarm bells all over the country. In many cities across the country, including Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai, people celebrated the New Year during the Corona period. A night curfew has been imposed in Delhi against the backdrop of corona virus. Despite all this, people forgot the grief of the year 2020 in their homes and attended the New Year’s reception. The biggest gift the government has given in the new year is about the corona vaccine. The dry run of this vaccine will start from 2nd January. Soon the country will be free from this epidemic. Let’s see the different colors of celebrating New Year 2021 from different corners of the country and abroad in the pictures …

People in Goa shouted at the DJ

Goa was the New Year celebration in India. Where more than 40 lakh tourists have arrived for the 2021 reception. A large number of people in clubs, pubs and night parties welcomed the New Year in their own way. The Goa government had directed the hotels to take special care of tourists in view of the corona infection. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant himself was keeping an eye on the entire state.

In Kolkata too, people were engrossed in New Year celebrations

Kolkata also has a large number of people attending the New Year celebrations. In the Park Street area of ​​the city, people were seen at midnight giving a special New Year’s greeting. Kolkata Police has also made special security arrangements. The last year has been full of challenges, said DC South of Kolkata Police. We live in a new culture of wearing masks. We are taking legal action against those who do not wear masks.

Celebrations in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan

Photos of the celebration are surfacing from Taiwan, the capital of Taiwan. You can see that the whole sky is bathed in light after the fireworks. Here too people are celebrating the New Year and welcoming this 2021.

Pictures of Sydney

Firecrackers bathed in Sydney.

Party in Australia

The New Year was welcomed in Australia in a familiar style. At around 12pm, spectacular fireworks exploded at Sydney’s famous Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the sky was soaked with colorful lights for several minutes.

New Year’s dance on DJ, watch the video

Forget the Corona Vedas, the world immersed in New Year’s festivities, DJ dancing loudly, watch the video

New Year knocked for the first time in New Zealand

This is how the New Year was celebrated in Australia

See how the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the north-south block were lit up on New Year’s Eve

President Happy New Year

I cordially greet all citizens living in India and abroad. Let us all stay safe and healthy and move towards achieving the common goals of our country’s development with new energy.

Ramnath Kovind, President

Welcome to 2020 in New Zealand


Nice fireworks to welcome the new year in New Zealand

A spectacular view of the last sunset of the year in India from the Brahmaputra Ghat in Guwahati

Celebrations in Wuhan

Light show scene on riverside houses in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Corona virus spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world.

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha wished him well

I sincerely wish all the countrymen for the New Year 2021. My prayer is that the new year will fill your life with joy, happiness, joy and happiness. The whole society has shown amazing unity and united spirit in the fight against Corona. Our Corona Warriors have participated in this battle with commitment and dedication. I welcome all of them.

Om Birla, Speaker, Lok Sabha

D. Preparing for the arrival of the New Year in Korea

Poster to welcome the new year in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

D. Another view of Korea

The city of Seoul turned off the lights to welcome the new year

Night curfew in many states due to corona

The Delhi government has imposed a night curfew between 11pm and 6am on December 31 and January 1 to prevent people from coming together for the New Year celebrations in view of the transition and redesign of Kovid-1 of. Meanwhile, the Odisha government has decided to impose curfew from 10 pm on Thursday to prevent large crowds on the occasion of Kovid-1. In the wake of the Kovid-1 epidemic, the Maharashtra government has also imposed a night curfew between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., banning five or more people from gathering at one place.