LG transparent OLED TVs can be the perfect bedroom panels

While 2020 is probably far from what you expected twenty years ago, meaning there are no flying cars … We have the first transparent OLED panels that really bring us some futuristic vibrations. Xiaomi announced its Transparent Mi TV a few months ago and there are other OEMs investing in this segment. LG Display has worked hard on transparent OLED panels and aims to make the technology attractive to end consumers and possible. After all, these panels are not cheap yet.

Today, the company unveiled a concept or possible application of transparency with its “Smart Bed” concept, which would use a 55-inch transparent screen that would function as a TV that can become invisible when not in use. The transparent TV would sit in a frame that you could place at the foot of the bed or even more around the house. You just have to press a button for the transparent OLED to rise from the frame and entertain you without backlights or a background that breaks the experience. Thanks to OLED Cinematic Sound technology, users will not need separate speakers to enjoy the experience.

The 55-inch transparent LG OLED fits in many scenarios

Moreover, LG has introduced other possible applications for its 55-inch panel. The display can be used in restaurants. In this scenario, it would allow customers to see the meals prepared by the chef. Similarly, subway trains could also carry these screens, providing real-time information, such as route maps and locations, along with exterior views.

According to the company, its 55-inch transparent OLED panel can achieve a high level of transparency of 40% compared to 10% of LCD screens. The company also hopes that transparent displays will replace smart home windows or even cars that drive smart cars in the future. The South Korean company is not sure when transparent screens will become a reality for end customers. However, it is claimed that demand is growing from different industries.

All of this is really exciting. But we shouldn’t build hype right now, at least not yet. Because we are still a few years away from seeing that this becomes something that customers can easily buy. The Korean company also bets on the rolling stock segment. It even introduced an LG rolling screen that costs a lot earlier this year. Now, the company is moving to unveil its first rolling smartphone in 2021, which is called the Project B code. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.