Lockdown: Coronavirus Outbreak India Cases, Vaccination Live Update | Maharashtra Pune Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Indore Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Punjab Bihar Novel Corona (COVID 1)) Death toll today India, Mumbai Delhi Coronavirus News | For the first time, India surpassed the United States in the number of new patients, with more than 3.15 lakh infected in a single day; 2101 death records

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  • Lockdown: Coronavirus Outbreak India Cases, Vaccination Live Update | Maharashtra Pune Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Indore Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh Punjab Bihar Novel Corona (COVID 1)) Death Toll India Today, Mumbai Delhi Coronavirus News

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New Delhi16 minutes ago

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The news is very bad and worrying. India has also overtaken the US in terms of new patients. For the first time in the country, a record 3 lakh 15 thousand 552 people were found to be infected in a single day. So far, this statistic has found the highest number of patients per day in any one country. Earlier, on January 8, 3,7,000 people in the United States were found positive.

Most deaths in one day
The death toll has also been staggering for the past two days. A record 2,101 people died on Wednesday. This is the highest death toll ever. Earlier on Tuesday, 2,021 deaths were reported. India is the only country in the world where many deaths occur in a single day. In all other countries, less than a thousand people are losing their lives.

2 Record Hours Record 1. 1.33 lakhs
There was also a record increase in active incidents in the country on Wednesday. 1.33 lakh active incidents took place in one day. Earlier, there was an increase of 1.29 lakh active cases on April 18 and 1.25 lakh on Tuesday. At present, 22.84 lakh patients are undergoing treatment across the country. These are called active cases. However, 1.79 lakh people also recovered. This is by far the biggest person in a single day.

Corona epidemic statistics in the country
There were a total of new cases in the last 24 hours
3.15 lakhs
Total deaths in last 24 hours: 2,101
Total healing in last 24 hours: 1.79 lakhs
Total infected so far: 1.59 crore
Make sure by now: 1.34 crores
Total deaths so far: 1.84 lakhs
Total number of patients currently undergoing treatment: 22.84 lakhs

The number of patients has increased in most of these 12 states
Maharashtra, 67,46868, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, 106, Delhi 2, 2388, Karnataka 2, 14148, Chhattisgarh 1, 10122, Madhya Pradesh 1, 177, Gujarat 12,5533, Bihar 12,2221, Tamil Nadu 11 , 6811, West 10,7844 Bengal: People were found to be infected with corona.

Corona updates

  • Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank Corona has tested positive. He shared this information on social media on Wednesday. Pokhriyal had a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, officials from the Ministry of Education and CBSE on April 1.
  • Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has become a corona positive. “After waiting for an inquiry and a day and a half, my report has come,” he said on social media. My sister and 85-year-old mother are also infected.
  • Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and Kerala Chief Minister P. Vijayan made a big announcement about vaccination on Wednesday. From May 1, people over the age of 18 will also be vaccinated free of charge, he said. The cost will be borne by the state government.
  • Sikkim Chief Minister Premsingh Tamang has also announced free vaccinations for people in the state between the ages of 18 and 45.
  • The Serum Institute on Wednesday set new rates for the Covshilt vaccine. The Corywild vaccine will be given to private hospitals at a cost of Rs 600, Serum said. Earlier, the vaccine was given to hospitals at Rs 250. Vaccine rates for the states will be Rs 100 and the Center will get the vaccine at Rs 1,150 as before.
  • The central government said production of remedicivir injections was being doubled. It will now produce 74 lakh violas per month out of 38 lakh violas. The government has approved 20 additional production sites for this.
  • Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, a senior Congress leader in West Bengal and party president, has also tested positive for corona. He said the virtual election campaign would continue.
  • Senior TMC leader and former minister of state Madan Mitra has also been infected. He has been admitted to a hospital in Kolkata for treatment.
  • International cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s father Pansing Dhoni and mother Devaki Devi Corona have been found to be infected. Both have been admitted to a private hospital in Ranchi. According to doctors, both are in good health. Their oxygen levels are also normal. A CT scan has been performed, which shows that the infection has not yet reached the lungs.
  • After Britain, now Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has also canceled his visit to India. Suga was scheduled to tour India and the Philippines next week. According to Japanese media, the Prime Minister has canceled a visit to both countries in view of the growing case of corona in the country. This was his first visit to India after becoming the Prime Minister.
  • All Air India flights to the UK between April 24 and 30 have also been canceled. Air India, meanwhile, said it was trying to schedule at least one flight between Delhi and Mumbai to the UK.
The photo is of Delhi.  The ambulance carrying Corona's patient to the hospital here crashed in the middle of the road.  Health workers had to postpone it.

The photo is of Delhi. The ambulance carrying Corona’s patient to the hospital here crashed in the middle of the road. Health workers had to postpone it.

Many large states are …

1. Maharashtra
67,468 new patients were found here on Wednesday. 54,985 patients recovered and 568 died. So far, 40.27 lakh people have been affected by the epidemic in the state. Of these, 32.68 lakh people have been cured, while 61,911 people have died. About 6.95 lakh people are currently undergoing treatment here.

2. Uttar Pradesh
The Corona report of 33,106 people came positive on Wednesday. 14,198 people were cured and 187 died. So far, 9.42 lakh people have been found infected here. Of these, 89.89 lakh people have been cured and 10,3466 patients have died. 2.422 lakh patients are undergoing treatment.

3. Delhi
On Wednesday, 24,638 people were found infected with corona in the state. 24,600 people were healed and 249 died. So far, 9.30 lakh people have been infected here. Of these, 8.31 lakh people were cured, while 12,887 patients lost their lives. 85,364 patients are being treated here.

Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh
On Wednesday, 14,519 people in the state were found to be infected with the corona. During this time 15,940 people recovered and 183 died. 1.22 lakh people are undergoing treatment in the state. Out of the total 88.88 lakh lakhs, 59.59 lakh lakhs have been cured and the total death toll has reached 46767.

Madhya. Madhya Pradesh
A total of 13,107 people were found infected in Corona in the state on Wednesday. 9,035 people were cured and 75 died. So far, 4.46 lakh people have been infected. Of these, 3.59 lakh people have been cured. 4,788 patients lost their lives. , 2,268. Patients are undergoing treatment.

6. Gujarat
On Wednesday, 12,553 people were found to be infected with the corona in the state. 4,802 people were healed and 125 died. So far 4.40 lakh people have been infected here. Of these, 50.50 lakh people have been cured, while 74000 patients have died. Here, 84,12. Patients are undergoing treatment.

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