Ludhiana Indian Air Force Halwara Airbase: Security broken! Indian Air Force personnel arrested for working in Pakistan’s ISI

Police have arrested three people in Ludhiana, Punjab. These people are accused of leaking confidential information. He took photographs of the Indian Air Force’s Halwara airbase with Pakistan’s ISI.

Currently, the police have registered a case under various sections of the IPC. In which he has been charged with treason, violation of the Government Privacy Act and the Prevention of Unlawful Acts Act. The three people who belonged to the Khalistani organization. It wants to affect the peace process in Punjab.

They sent photographs of the airbase to the ISI. They wanted to smuggle weapons from Pakistan. Police have identified the three as Ramdas Singh (who was a diesel mechanic and worked at Halwara Airbase), Sukhkiran Singh and Shabir Ali.

Please tell that Ramdas Singh returned to Punjab after staying in Kuwait for a few years. All three have been arrested, police said. “Ramdas Singh was arrested,” police said. The other two were arrested on Wednesday. He has been remanded. “

Sukhkiran Singh had earlier gone to jail in a murder case, police said. Sukhkiran Singh had asked Ramdas Singh to take photos of Halwara Airbase. Sukhkiran and Ramdas wanted Shabir Ali to help them contact the Pakistani ISI agent.

Police say a major conspiracy in the case could only be uncovered after an investigation. You may know that there was a major terrorist attack on Pathankot airbase in Punjab about five years ago. In which seven security personnel were martyred. The operation against the armed militants was completed in four days.

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