Manoj Tiwari Video: Manoj Tiwari shares video of daughter begging for oxygen for her father


  • Former cricketer Manoj Tiwary has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi by sharing a heartbreaking video.
  • In the video, a girl is crying outside the hospital to find oxygen for her sick father.
  • The woman asked, “What is the government doing? Why is there no oxygen supply in such a large hospital?”

Corona has become even worse across the country, but the biggest problem is the lack of resources in hospitals. With the second wave of corona, the country is short of oxygen and essential medicine. Whether it is Uttar Pradesh or Bengal or Maharashtra, patients in hospitals are suffering from lack of oxygen. Meanwhile, TMC candidate and former cricketer Manoj Tiwari has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi by sharing a heartbreaking video.

Manoj Tiwari has shared a video on Twitter in which a girl is crying outside the hospital begging for help for her sick father. “My father was admitted two days ago,” he said, referring to the hospital’s confusion in the video. There is a lack of oxygen, at the last moment they are saying that oxygen is running out, this is how people will do it. ‘

‘Why government does not provide oxygen to hospitals’
She further says, “Arrange, those people are taking my father out.” The same other girl is saying, “I’m running here and there for oxygen, the hospital didn’t run, I ran.” Another woman said, ‘What is the government doing, why is oxygen not being supplied to such a large hospital?’ It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

‘Prime Minister Modi! You should bow your head in shame. ‘
Manoj Tiwari shared this video and wrote, ‘Listen to this girl begging for oxygen for her father. Today, the country is facing a deep crisis of oxygen and vaccines. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should shamefully lower his head. Sir, please, let us lead a willing India to survive this disaster. ‘

Manoj Tiwari shares a video requesting oxygen to his father