Messi has not had negotiations with other clubs, as rumors continue about the future of the Barcelona star

The Argentine superstar continues to decline in the last year of his contract, but there has been no discussion about a possible move elsewhere

Lionel Messi remains the subject of constant rumors of leaving Barcelona, ​​but despite the noise generated by “false news”, gate found out that the Argentine superstar has not yet been contacted by any other club.

Of course, as the six-time Golden Balloon winner continues to book his current contract, admiring glances from afar are thrown in the direction of a sea of ​​all time.

Various teams, amid discussions of interest at Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, are closely following the events at the Camp Nou.

However, no future calls have been made, but Messi and his representatives are keen to point out that now is not the time to discuss such issues – Barca is still looking for a spark in 2020-21.

The father and agent of the 33-year-old, Jorge, will not enter into discussions with any suitor at this stage.

For now, patience is the order of the day for those in the Messi camp.

The player himself wants to avoid any distraction while trying to offer everything that is best for Barca, without having to rush a decision about his future.

He will be free to speak with stakeholders outside Spain in January, with the free agency set to hit in the summer of 2021.

Many in Catalonia have expressed a desire to see new terms removed as soon as possible, and it is essential that any possible exit door be closed.

The boat will hold the most recent round of presidential elections on January 24, with the power in the council chamber changing hands.

Any incoming or possibly returning character will be eager to know where Messi is when it comes to taking the reins.

The target found out, however, that there were no contacts between the presidential hopefuls and the Talisman captain at the Camp Nou.

With Messi playing his cards close to his chest, it remains to be seen what the New Year will bring for the South American mercurial.

His intentions will become clear only after he makes a formal announcement.

The last time he discussed his plans in public was during an exclusive interview with Goal in September, Messi revealing at that stage that he will honor his contract and avoid any legal dispute with Barca.

He was eager to open a new chapter in his career before that, but his position could have changed since then, as he remains the subject of intense speculation.