Moradabad woman blames hospital for her abortion: Uttar Pradesh: Love jihad accused’s wife bids abortion due to wrong injection in hospital

A young woman in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, whose husband is in jail under the Love Jihad Act, has alleged that she had an abortion due to hospital negligence. At the hospital, she was given drugs, injections and then started bleeding, the woman alleged. Which led to his wrong address. The woman said, ‘I don’t know what injections were given. After which the bleeding started and I remembered. I was taken to the Women’s District Hospital. I started bleeding after medication. ‘

The woman said her son had died at the hospital. He does not know the medicine. The woman said she did not know why this was done to her. Explain that the new Love Jihad Act in the state has caused trouble for the woman and her husband. The couple was married four months ago, but police sent the woman’s husband to jail under the Love Jihad Act after complaints from Hindutva organizations.

Police have also arrested the woman’s sister-in-law. Earlier, a video of a pushback between women and pro-Hindu activists had surfaced. Police had claimed that the woman’s child was safe before the woman’s statement in the case.

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. This month when the couple went to register for the wedding in December. On the way, Bajrang Dal men caught the couple and took them to the police station. Police arrested her husband after she repeatedly said she was living with her husband as she wished.

Police later sent the girl to a shelter. The administration dismissed the news after the news of the woman’s abortion came to light. Now, on the one hand, the police have arrested the woman’s husband on the complaint of the woman’s mother, while on the other hand, they want the woman to release her husband.

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