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An update to Minecraft 1.18 brings a new kind of game, Noise Caves. With the upcoming Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update, players will experience Minecraft in a whole new way. New biomes, a new generation of the world and much more make the game look brand new.

As the name suggests, this update brings a lot of changes to Minecraft’s favorite caves. Caves have been an integral part of the gaming experience, and with the update to Minecraft 1.18, they are becoming an amazing face. One of the renovated new caves is the Noise Cave.

4 types of noise caves in Minecraft 1.18 update

With the exception of new cave biomes added to the game, the overall structure of the caves has been changed with an update to Minecraft 1.18.

Noise cave

Noise Cave is a new type of cave system implemented by Mojang in the new Minecraft 1.18 update. This cave system is created with a sound generator that adjusts various characteristics such as cave thickness, cavity, and noise frequency. There are four subcategories of noise caves:

1) Cheese Cave

Cheese Caves in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)Spaghetti Caves seen through spectator mode in Minecraft (Image via Reddit/Strbreez)A Noodle Cave seen through spectator mode in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)Water Aquifer in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft Wiki)ALSO READThe article continues below

An aquifer is a cave that is flooded with water or lava. These large caves are a special type of sound cave that exists only to create water or lava bodies in the cave. Players can find and explore aquifers above y = 0 and lava aquifers below y = 0. These are more variations that occur in marine biomes or in giant cheese caves.

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