New covid strain in the UK: new strain coronavirus Know why this animal scientist is scared? – New Corona: Find out why this animal scientist is scared ?, watch the news video

The coronavirus did not catch on when another new corona was struck. This new corona is considered to be highly contagious. But if the corona virus spreads rapidly in wild beavers, it could take the form of another deadly epidemic. The new Corona strain is no further. Once the corona virus has spread in nature, it will become a recurring epidemic. Tell us that the beaver is a mammal, which is a carnivore. It is also known as mink. It is found on all continents of the world except Australia and Antarctica. They occur on rivers, lakes and mountains in most parts of our country. In early November, Denmark ordered the killing of all its otters. About 17 million biders were killed in the country’s fur farms. Because the corona virus was found in some beavers. This was followed by mutations in the corona virus.