New rates for petrol and diesel have been announced, check the rates soon

New Delhi. State-owned oil companies (IOC, HPCL and BPCL) today made no change in petrol and diesel prices (petrol-diesel prices) for the eighth day in a row. Looking at Delhi prices on Tuesday, petrol. 83.711 per liter and diesel.873.87 per liter. However, petrol rose by Rs 1.37 per liter and diesel by Rs 1.45 per liter for six consecutive days till Monday. Last week, Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan’s recent decision to increase crude oil production by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was expected to stabilize fuel prices.

“OPEC has decided to increase its crude oil production by five lakh barrels per day. We will benefit from this and we anticipate that (fuel) prices will remain stable. Grow. “

What are the rates of petrol and diesel in metros today

Delhi Patrol. 83.711 and diesel.88..87 per liter, Mumbai petrol is priced at..30..34 and diesel is priced at Rs 800.11 per liter.

Kolkata petrol is priced at Rs 85.1 and diesel at Rs 77.74 per liter.
Chennai petrol is priced at Rs 86.51 per liter and diesel at Rs 79.21 per liter.
Noida petrol is priced at Rs.63..67 and diesel.274.2 per liter.
Lucknow petrol.583 and Rs.2 and diesel.274.21 per liter.
Patna petrol is priced at Rs 86.25 and diesel at Rs 79.04 per liter.
Chandigarh petrol is priced at Rs 80.59 and diesel at Rs 73.61 per liter.

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The price changes every morning at six o’clock

Say the change in petrol and diesel prices at six in the morning. The new rates are effective from 6 p.m. Adding excise duty, dealer commission and other things to the price of petrol and diesel almost doubles the price. Gasoline and diesel prices fluctuate daily depending on what the international crude prices are, including foreign exchange rates.

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Check the rates of petrol and diesel as follows

You can find out the price of petrol and diesel through SMS. Petrol and diesel rates are updated daily at 6 am. According to Indian Oil’s website, you have to type your city code with RSP and send an SMS to 9224992249. Each city code is different. You can watch it from the IOCL website. At the same time, BPCL customers can write RSP and HPCL customers can write 9223112222 and send message 9222201122 and you can understand the price of petrol diesel in your city.