Night master in Delhi; The announcement suddenly upsets the New Year’s vibe in the capital India News

New Delhi: Where will you be when the clock strikes 12 to usher in a New Year? That was the question making endless rounds on Thursday (December 31st), with the sudden announcement of a night out in the city that throws many cluttered plans for those celebrating outside their homes and for hotels and restaurants flooded with cancellations.

While those in the hospitality industry have struggled to understand the footprints of the Delhi government’s decision and what it would mean for units that have accepted reservations and are ready for a New Year’s party, some party participants have canceled their plans and others they changed them in a hurry. For many others, it would be a New Year’s Eve at home anyway.

The night instructions will be imposed from 23:00 on December 31 to 6:00 on January 1 and again from 23:00 on January 1 to 6:00 on January 2, the order issued on Wednesday (December 30th) by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) in view of the spread of COVID-19 and its highly transmissible strain from the UK.

He also said that no more than five people will be allowed to gather in public places.

“You can’t party with friends and family with all these restrictions” I was going out with friends, but after the night was over, my parents asked me to give up the idea. “I’ll be home now,” said 26-year-old Nipun Malhotra, a businessman by profession.

There were many others such as Malhotra and hotels and restaurants, large and small, said they received many calls canceling their pre-reservations, even if it was not really needed.

Several units, hoping for a change after almost 10 months of little or no business, said they told people the restrictions were for “public places” – which include parks, atriums or any open space – and not authorized “. But the confusion persisted and many customers, eager to avoid trouble and nervous to be caught on their way home, were canceled anyway.

“The order requires us – restaurants – not to host more than 50% of our capacity to celebrate the New Year. Now, we were already doing that. All other restrictions are for public spaces, Rahul Sarin, owner of Dineroom and Teo Lounge , said for PTI.

“But people who watch news channels that broadcast articles like ‘No New Year’s Eve for Delhi’ after nightfall and things are going wrong. This has affected our business as they receive more calls to cancel the reservation,” he said. .

PRO Delhi Police, Eish Singhal, gave the same message.

“Authorized seats have been exempted from this, they can continue to operate under their license condition, including half the capacity of the seats and other COVID-19 protocols,” Singhal said.

Some, such as Rohit Kochhar, the owner of the Fly Bar restaurant in Rajouri Garden, blamed the government for its 11-hour decision.

“Delhi’s New Year’s holidays have been canceled at the last minute. We have made all the arrangements, be it food, work and reservations. Why wasn’t this announced a few days ago?” he asked.

Several five-star hotels have made big plans for New Year’s Eve, hoping to finally see people again in their restaurants and bars, offering clean cocktails and menus and special accommodation packages.
Hilton Garden Inn, Saket, for example, which offered a stay for two, along with a full festive treatment at a reduced price of Rs 12,500, said many “non-resident” guests had canceled.

“We see an impact on the guidelines after the descent, as many non-residents have canceled their plans. Some guests may choose to celebrate in their rooms or at the ‘India Grill’,” said Shyam Kumar, the hotel’s director of operations.

ITC, Maurya, New Delhi, offered a wide range of offers for the festive meal, including a special “midnight buffet” from 12.30 to 3 am. But this is likely to be undone, and senior staff said they were still discussing the order with the authorities concerned and would follow all government-imposed guidelines.

But in terms of time or no extinction, coronavirus or no coronavirus, there will be enough people who want to bring the New Year and the party will come anyway, said Ricky Sethi, co-founder of Talli Station.
Sethi is optimistic about the tribe that appears this time as well and saves the day for the food industry.

“People are smart enough and would do whatever it takes to celebrate the New Year. So what many have done after this night of extinguishing the competition is that they have changed their schedule.

“For example, a senior police officer who came to us with his family at 8 pm, called me and told me that he would come now at 6 pm. What I mean is that: the people who were willing to come earlier, he might end up changing the plan now, but he will stick to it, “said Sethi, who has four outlets in the capital.

Many states, including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan, have also imposed renewed restrictions before the New Year holidays to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

According to the Public App, one of India’s largest social networks, “78.82 percent” – out of more than a lakh Delhi residents surveyed – said they would prefer to celebrate the New Year at home, instead of any hotel or restaurant.