One doctor explains: Why some are negative despite having symptoms of COVID-19

As the second wave of coronavirus crosses the country, some people are tested negative despite COVID-19 symptoms. Even then, doctors suspected an infection based on CT scans or blood test reports.

Following this, the government of Uttar Pradesh recently announced that this patients will be treated in special wards in COVID treatment centers.

Doctors point out that the coronavirus RT-PCR test may not always show a correct result. This also depends on whether the patient has been “swabbed correctly”. “RTPCR has a sensitivity of only 60%. The outcome depends entirely on whether people have been properly swabbed, whether the covered area included during the swab is the same as if the virus is present, “said Dr. Praveen Gupta, director and head of department, neurology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute. , Gurugram, says

Again, 30% of RT-PCR tamponade tests are false negative results, says Dr. Harish Chafle, an intensive care consultant and thoracic physician, Global Hospitals, Mumbai. “You don’t have to be satisfied if they are negative with the tampon. Please listen to your doctor and do not swear the report. Everyone must follow the precautions established for hand hygiene, social distance and wearing masks. Someone with symptoms that suggest Covid should consult a thoracic doctor immediately, ”he advises.

Again, the chances that the tampon test will not detect the virus could also be due to the mutant strains that have appeared, adds Dr. Gupta.

So if one has symptoms of COVID-19, it should be isolated. “Isolation is essential to ensure that the virus, even undetected, does not spread,” he says. You should contact a doctor immediately. You should also drink plenty of fluids.

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