OnePlus Band leak gives us a first look at its “not so original” design

Well, look what we have here! Only a day after rumors surfaced OnePlus may have a fitness band in the pipeline, another major leak has surfaced online. And he claims to take our first look at it OnePlus Band. The always reliable tipster Mukul Sharma (aka @stufflistings) has distributed renditions of the upcoming OnePlus fitness band and looks pretty appealing.

I dig that sweet dual-tone finish

The images presented show us the future of the OnePlus which can be worn in three color options, all of which seem to offer a dual-tone finish. The first has a black stripe with a light gray bottom, and on the other hand, you will also get a light gray trim with an attractive orange finish on the inside. But the best, in my opinion, is the navy blue stripe with a lighter contrasting shade on the inside.

The black frames surrounding the display and the overall assembly have a uniform design in the three color options. There’s also a pretty big OnePlus brand on the bottom frame, which looks pretty sleek. In terms of features, the OnePlus offering will have an OLED display, while the features it offers include water resistance and several days of battery life.

Is a possible debut on January 11 on the books?

According to a recent report, OnePlus will first launch its fitness band in India and will sell for about $ 40. And if all goes well, it could start in February or even January. However, if you look closely at the renderings, the date shown says January 11, which is in fact in line with rumors circulating on the Internet.

Now, where have I seen the OnePlus band?

Oppo Band (left) vs the next fitness band from OnePlus (right)

Given the recent history of OnePlus phones that have inspired a generous dose of Oppo smartphones, I’ve been a little skeptical about the design. I searched a bit in the Oppo product portfolio and guess what? OnePlus Band looks identical to the band Oppo released in June this year. Apart from the branding and color scheme, the whole design and the form factor have an extraordinary resemblance. I see what you did there, OnePlus!

Nadeem Sarwar

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