Oxygen shortage in Delhi: Delhi doctor falls while talking about condition of Oxygen Crisis Hospital during corona


  • Oxygen reserves are declining rapidly in many hospitals in Delhi
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Shanti Mukund Hospital, Dr.
  • Corona’s patients are advocating for a bed, a deteriorating state

New Delhi
One can imagine what the situation is like about Corona in the capital Delhi. Lack of oxygen, shortage of stocks is being addressed by most of the hospitals in Delhi. The lack of oxygen will be exacerbated when a doctor in a Delhi hospital orders it.

Shouting about lack of oxygen
The CEO of Delhi’s Shanti Mukund Hospital, Sunil Sagar Hospital, cried when he spoke of the lack of oxygen. “It’s a very difficult situation,” he said. We have very little oxygen left. We have requested the doctor to give leave to whom it may be given. We have 2 hours of oxygen left.

The Shanti Mukund Hospital in Delhi is short of oxygen. The doctors said that if we got oxygen on time, the patients would not leave. At the same time, the son of a corona patient admitted to the hospital said that I request the government to take oxygen.

Please admit that my wife will die
The government may repeatedly claim that the bed is still empty but patients are constantly wandering. Corona patients are constantly wandering in bed and for oxygen. Outside Delhi’s Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Hospital, a crowd of ambulances appeared in ambulances and private vehicles. Many patients were complaining of lack of beds.

The Kejriwal government is stockpiling Delhi to get oxygen from Odisha
Aslam Khan took his 30-year-old sick wife on a two-wheeler to the hospital but he did not have a bed. Aslam was seen praying for the bed. He was begging in front of the hospital staff. Aslam Khan said, my wife will die, please accept this. LNJP is a large hospital in Kovid where corona patients are treated.

You have the matrix
Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that some hospitals in the capital have run out of oxygen, leaving them with no option. Some states are trying to gain control of medical oxygen in areas of the national capital, he alleged.

Lack of oxygen in many hospitals in Delhi