Pandemic breeding grounds

Are you planning to use a public toilet or a toilet to participate in nature’s call? Beware, because there is a good chance that you risk contracting the deadly coronavirus there, the researchers warned.

They pointed out that while respiratory drops are the most important source of Covid-19 transmission, however, a small number of viable viruses have been found in urine and stool samples.

Therefore, public toilets or toilets can be a cause for concern for the transmission of the pathogen because they are relatively limited, have heavy traffic on the floor and may not have adequate ventilation, researchers at the College of Engineering and Computer Science have now warned. University of Florida Atlantic.

It is already known that a variety of pathogens are usually found in stagnant water, as well as in urine, feces and vomit. When widely dispersed by aerosolization, these pathogens can cause Ebola, a norovirus that results in violent food poisoning, and Covid-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2, said scientists who investigated the drops caused by washing a toilet and a urinal in a public toilet under normal ventilation conditions.

The study is published in the journal Physics of Fluids.

To measure the drops, the researchers used a particle counter placed at different heights of the toilet and urinal to capture the size and number of drops generated during washing.

The results showed that public toilets could serve as foci for the transmission of airborne diseases, especially if they do not have adequate ventilation or if the toilets do not have a lid or lid. The study is also important in the context of India, where most public rooms are often not equipped with toilet seat covers and urinals are not covered.

For the study, the researchers obtained data from three different scenarios: toilet washing; washing the covered toilet and washing the urine. They examined the data to determine the increase in aerosol concentration, the behavior of droplets of different sizes, how high the droplets increased and the impact of toilet coverage. Ambient aerosol levels were measured before and after the experiments.