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Raising the issue, Dubey said the Allahabad High Court last month called on the center to consider setting up a group to implement the mandate of Article 44 of the Constitution, which talks about a uniform civil code for people across the country.

The funds released under the Poshan Abhiyan Program, which aims to reduce malnutrition in the country, are extremely underused, according to data released on Wednesday by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD).

The data, presented by WCD Iranian Minister Smriti to Rajya Sabha, show that out of Rs 5,331,279.08 released for Poshan Abhiyan in the country from the central funds, only Rs 2,98,555.92 lakh were used.

The data show that out of Rs 26,751.08 lakh released in West Bengal until March 2021, no money has been used so far. Similarly, out of Rs 56,968.96 lakh released by the Center to Uttar Pradesh, the state used only Rs 19,219.28 lakh in the same period, according to the data.