prashant kishor: “Leading Congress is not an individual’s divine right”: Prashant Kishor targets Rahul Gandhi again | News from India

NEW DELHI: A day after Mamata Banerjee hit Congress and its leader, Rahul Gandhi, it was the turn of her political adviser and trusted adviser Prashant Kishor to train her arms at the big party.
The poll strategist used Twitter to target Rahul Gandhi again and investigate his electoral failures.
While acknowledging the importance of the idea of ​​Congress as a party, he called for the leadership of the opposition to be decided democratically.
„THE IDEA and THE SPACE that Congress is vital to strong opposition. But the leadership of the Congress is not the DIVINE RIGHT of an individual, especially when the party has lost over 90% of the election in the last 10 years. Let the leadership of the opposition decide democratically, “Prashant Kishor wrote on Twitter.

Prashant Kishor’s new attack on the Congress leadership comes a day after West Bengal’s prime minister and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee questioned the existence of the United Progressive Alliance.
On Wednesday, after her meeting with the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party, Sharad Pawar, Mamata said that “there is no UPA now”.
He had also done an indirect excavation on Rahul Gandhi’s travels abroad, without taking his name.
No one can do politics while staying abroad half the time, Mamta had said in an interaction in Mumbai.
Mamata had teamed up with Prashant Kishor to accept the BJP’s challenge in the West Bengal assembly elections.
Prashant Kishor is also working with Mamata on Trinamool’s expansion plans in countries such as Goa and Mizoram, which will go to the polls next year.
This is not the first time Prashant Kishor has targeted Congress.
When Congress aggressively watched the Lakhimpur Kheri incident in Uttar Pradesh, Prashant Kishor had made efforts to lead the party.
“People who are looking for a quick and spontaneous revival of the GOP-led opposition based on the #LakhimpurKheri incident are preparing for a big disappointment. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for the deep-rooted problems and structural weakness of the GOP, ”he later wrote on Twitter.
Ironically, Prashant Kishor allegedly was in talks with the Congress leadership to join the big old party a few months ago. He had also met with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul for discussions in the process.
However, talks seem to have failed, and since then the election strategist has been on the offensive against the leadership of Congress.