Prashant Kishor says Congress leadership is not an individual’s divine right in Jibe to Rahul Gandhi

Prashant Kishor’s tweet today is his strongest attack to date on Rahul Gandhi. (File)

New Delhi:

Congress has lost more than 90 percent of its election in the past 10 years, and its leadership is “not the divine right” of an individual, poll strategist Prashant Kishor said in the strongest attack on Rahul Gandhi to date. held talks. just months ago. The strike comes at the behest of Mamata Banerjee’s blows to the leader of the Mumbai Congress last night.

“The IDEA and the SPACE that the #Congress represents are vital for a strong opposition. But the leadership of the Congress is not the DIVINE RIGHT of an individual, especially when the party has lost over 90% of the election in the last 10 years. Let the leadership of the opposition be determined. Democratic, “Prashant Kishor wrote on Twitter this afternoon.

Rahul Gandhi’s wild coup at the age of 51 adds to a growing number of comments challenging Gandhi’s leadership of the Congress, both internally and from the opposition.

Yesterday, Mamata Banerjee said in an interaction in Mumbai: “If someone does nothing and is abroad for half the time, then how will he do politics? There should be a continuous effort for politics. “

Prashant Kishor has been throwing bombs at Gandhi since the collapse of his party talks.

Sources say the strategist believes that Congress can expect the older brother to play in any opposition strategy for the 2024 national elections, but not under his current leadership. It is time for the party to act responsibly, sources close to Mr Kishor said.

In October, Mr Kishor told Goa that the BJP had not been going anywhere for “many decades” and that the problem with Rahul Gandhi was that he did not realize it.

“The BJP will be the center of Indian politics … whether they win or lose, as it has been for the first 40 years for Congress. BJP is not going anywhere … Here is Rahul Gandhi’s problem. probable. He thinks it’s just a matter of time before people throw it away. That doesn’t happen, “he said.

The ace strategist also highlighted the “deep-rooted problems and structural weaknesses” of Congress and tried to “warn” anyone who believed that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s sister were moving to meet with the families of farmers killed in Lakhimpur Kheri. in Uttar Pradesh – and their widespread confrontation with the police – meant a “rapid and spontaneous rebirth” of a Congress-led opposition.

A few weeks after Mamata Banerjee’s victory in the April-May Bengal elections, Mr Kishor met with Gandhi for a role in Congress. But soon there were reports of an interruption in these negotiations, as Mr Kishor wanted a free hand to review the party.