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The son and daughter of the late Pranab Mukherjee are fighting each other for his “Presidential Years” memoirs, one saying it should not be published without his consent, and the other “asking” her brother not to create “unnecessary obstacles” in the latest publication. his book.

The book, which recently appeared in the news for Pranab Mukherjee’s critical comments on Congress, including his observation that the party lost political focus after his inauguration as president, will be released in January 2021 by Rupa, who published the previous two volumes. of his memoirs.

The son of the late President Abhijit Mukherjee, a former member of Congress, said on Twitter that he wrote to the editors asking them not to publish the book until he nodded. Her sister Sharmistha Mukherjee, the party’s national spokeswoman, declined, saying no one should try to stop her for “cheap publicity” and doing so would be a great disservice to the late leader.

“I, the son of the author of the ‘Presidential Memoirs’, kindly ask you to stop publishing the report, as well as motivated excerpts that are already floating in certain media platforms without my written consent,” Abhijit Mukherjee said on Twitter. “Since my father is no more, I, his son, want to go through the contents of the final copy of the book before publication, as I believe, if my father had lived today, he would have done the same.”

Being the son, he said he asked the publishers to stop publishing immediately. “I have already sent you a detailed letter in this regard, which will reach you soon. Respectfully – Abhijit Mukherjee,” the tweet read.

His sister responded, also on Twitter. I, the daughter of the author of the memoir “The Presidential Years,” ask my brother Abhijit Mukherjee not to create unnecessary obstacles in the publication of the last book written by our father. He completed the manuscript before he became ill. “

The final draft, she said, contains her father’s handwritten notes and comments that were strictly followed. Stating that his views were his own and that no one should try to stop her publication for cheap advertising, she said: “This would be the greatest disservice to our departed father.”

“Brother Btw, the title of the book is ‘Presidential Years,’ not ‘Presidential Memoirs,'” she said. Abhijit Mukherjee corrected the title of the book in another tweet after his sister pointed out the mistake.

The former president and longtime leader of the Congress died on August 31 at the age of 84, following complications from COVID-19. His comments on Congress came at a time of intense internal unrest in the party. The main tool for debugging Congress over the decades has been writing that the party has lost its political focus since its rise, while the president and some party members believed the disaster of the 2014 Lok Sabha poll could have been avoided if it had been became prime minister in 2004.

“Although I do not agree with this view, I believe that the party leadership lost its political focus after my rise as president. While Sonia Gandhi failed to take care of the party’s affairs, the prolonged absence of Dr. (Manmohan ) Singh in the House has put an end to any personal contact with other parliamentarians, “Pranab Mukherjee said in his book, PTI reported.

According to excerpts published by Rupa, the late leader also said that he believes that the moral authority to govern the news with the prime minister and the general state of the nation reflect the functioning of the prime minister and his administration.

“While Dr. Singh was concerned about saving the coalition, which affected the government, (Narendra) Modi seemed to have used a rather autocratic style of government during his first term, as seen by the bitter relationship between the government and the legislature. and the judiciary, “he said.

“Only time will tell if there is a better understanding of such issues in this government’s second term,” Mukherjee said in the statements.

Mukherjee was India’s 13th president after spending five decades in politics. The “Presidential Years”, which follow the “Turbulent Years” and the “Coalition Years”, offer a brief look at Pranab Mukherjee’s fascinating journey from a remote village in Bengal to Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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