Rahul Gandhi, quarantined, targets Prime Minister Narendra Modi-need solution, not empty speech

Rahul Gandhi was a vehement critic of the government’s manipulation of Covid. (Folder)

New Delhi:

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s criticism of the government’s handling of India’s biggest health challenge in recent years continued this morning as the country saw the world’s largest daily increase in Covid infections. Mr Gandhi, 50, tested positive for Covid earlier this week and is quarantined at his home.

In a clear tweet, Kerala’s Wayanad Congressman targeted Grand Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his address to the nation, calling it a “blank speech.”

“I am in quarantine at home and I continue to see tragic stories reported from all over the country. India has not only been hit by the coronavirus crisis, but has been beaten by the government’s anti-people policies. The country does not need empty speeches and unnecessary festivals … India is in dire need of a solution, “the congressional leader wrote in a tweet in Hindi. He also referred to the 4-day “Tika Utsav” by the government earlier this month to increase vaccine coverage.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi, in a televised address, assured the nation about the availability of medical oxygen, hospital beds and vaccines amid an alarming rise in Covid infections. As restrictions return in many parts of the country, the prime minister added that “blocking should be the last resort.”

Hit by the second Covid wave, India recorded a record increase in the number of Covid cases, with infections of 3.14 lakh; 2,104 patients with Covid died in another grim record.

Lack of oxygen for patients with Covid has become one of the biggest concerns, with the health crisis covering many parts of the country. However, the government has provided “non-stop” monitoring of oxygen supply.

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi last week also hit the government because of Covid’s rise, saying India was “surprised again” despite a year of preparation.

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote to Prime Minister Modi on Sunday suggesting five measures to combat the Covid crisis, including accelerating vaccination and increasing the supply of medicines. He also tested positive for Covid on Monday.

However, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan pulled back to Congress over criticism. “History will be kinder to you, Dr. Manmohan Singh ji, if your offer of ‘constructive cooperation’ and valuable advice were followed by your @INCIndia leaders in such extraordinary times!” he had sent on Twitter.

Earlier this month, shortly after Rahul Gandhi’s letter to the prime minister about what he called the “catastrophic” impact of “snail-rate” vaccinations, the BJP answered with a question – “Why did Rahul Gandhi not did he still get the vaccine? “