Rajasthan News: Happy birth of daughter in Nagaur brought home by helicopter: Sidd ‘Siddhi’ who came home by helicopter after 35 years

Countries – In a state where girls are considered a burden even in the 21st century. At the same time, Nagaur in Rajasthan is one of the many ill effects of child marriage and illiteracy of girls. Yes, you are talking about Nimbdi Chandawat village in Kuchera area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNagaur district. In this village, an ordinary farming family celebrates the birth of a girl in their house and you too will be happy to hear this. In the Corona crisis, this news of a girl’s honor will make you feel unknowingly proud.

A 35-year-old girl was born at home

In fact, 35 years later, Nagaur farmer Madanlal Prajapat had a daughter, her grandson Siddhi. The joy of this birth is celebrated in a unique way by the whole family. According to information received, the girl was brought home in a helicopter by her grandfather. Not only that, on the way home from the helipad, the villagers showered flowers in honor of the girl. For this, preparations started 10-12 days in advance.

Madan Lal raised money by selling the crop

It is worth noting that Dada Madanlal decided not to leave any army to welcome his grandson. So he sold his crop and raised five lakh rupees. Helicopters were also arranged with this amount.

Entered the house on the ninth day

It is said that the girl’s father Hanuman Prajapat and wife Chuka Devi brought the girl from her grandfather by helicopter. At the same time, he entered his house for the first time on the occasion of Durgavami on Wednesday. The girl was born on March 3 in her hometown of Harsolav.

Ghazal – Enthusiastic with eagles

After reaching his grandfather’s house in the village, ‘Siddhi’ is said to have received a grand welcome. Flowers rained down everywhere from the helipad site to the house. At the same time he was welcomed by Band-Bajon (Gaje-Bajan).

The whole family had reached out to the newborn girl

According to information received, the daughter ‘Siddhi’ had reached her father Hanuman Ram, aunt Arjun Prajapat, Hanuman Rama’s cousin Prem and Rajuram from Nani’s house. At 8 in the morning, sitting in the helicopter, all the Nimbadi came from Chandavata to the girl’s aunt Harsolav. From there he went home again with the girl. Similarly, at 2.15 pm, the girl reached her grandfather’s house by helicopter. Where after this all the rites were passed.