Samsung launches the first official Galaxy S21 teaser [Video]

Samsung has not yet officially announced the release date of the Galaxy S21, but due to previous leaks we know that it is only two weeks away. With the end of the year, Samsung launches the first official Galaxy S21 teaser.

This first teaser for the next Samsung flagship does not address the data, but simply teases that it is waiting for a “new Galaxy”, referring to the S21 series. The video mentions that the new year and the new device will bring “new ways of expressing yourself”, possibly teasing some new functions of the camera or software.

After these vague messages, Samsung throws itself into the history of the Galaxy S series, each older model turning into next year’s revision and each change highlighting the biggest physical differences between each phone. For example, we can see design changes, adding water resistance on the Galaxy S5, the curved screen of the S6 and S7, removing the start button on the S8 and the arrival of the hole on the Galaxy S10 and S20. It’s a slick little video.

Of course, we already know a lot about what the Galaxy S21 will bring to the table, despite the fact that this teaser does not confirm anything official. Galaxy S21 will have the same centered hole as S20, but with a flat screen and thinner frames. The phone also adopts a new design of the rear camera mode, which blends into the frame. The renderings broadcast so far have been pretty great.

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