Shiv Sena’s question on Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressed to the Prime Minister in the match It was thought that the Prime Minister’s speech would provide energy but … ‘, Shinsena’s satire on Prime Minister Modi’s speech

Mumbai: In his address to the Prime Minister of India (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) at 8 pm, Shiv Sena spokesperson Saamana has targeted the corona and lockdown in the country. It is written in the match – In a state like Maharashtra, there is a synonym of strict lockdown to break the chain of corona. Despite this, Prime Minister Modi has advised to ‘avoid lockdown’.

‘On what basis is the Prime Minister advising to avoid lockdown’

“Corona infection has increased in the state,” the match said. In the last 24 hours, 64,000 patients were found in Maharashtra alone. Evidence of death has increased, so a total lockdown of at least 15 days should be imposed, several ministers in the state have demanded. State Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray will take the right decision but on what basis is our Prime Minister advising us to ‘avoid lockdown’?

In West Bengal, the question arose on the election campaign

Apart from this, it is also written in the match that, ‘Maharashtra’s 10th standard examination will have to be canceled. It is a fact that Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Portugal was canceled due to increasing transit of corona. But if they had ended the West Bengal crowded election rally on time, the corona infection could have been prevented. The BJP rallied millions of people across the country to campaign in West Bengal. After contracting the corona infection, they returned to their respective states. Many of them are inanimate in the corona. Kumbh Mela and Haridwar’s Pt. The rulers will have to ban themselves first. The prime minister and the presidents of other countries impose such restrictions on themselves. This gives them the moral authority to preach to the people.

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Prime Minister Modi targeted the declaration of unity

On the eve of Prime Minister Modi’s speech, he wrote, ‘What did the Prime Minister say to him differently in his speech? The crisis is huge, it has to be ruled out, Modi said. Now who is this ‘united’? There is no room for dissent in this concept of unity. The Prime Minister praised the children. By setting up small committees, young people were forced to follow the rules of the corona. But except for the political meetings between the Prime Minister and the Home Minister in West Bengal. Those committees were not used there.

Shiv Sena targeted due to lack of oxygen

Attacking the lack of oxygen in the country, Saman wrote, “There is a shortage of oxygen in the country and the central government gives only a formal answer. Corona patients are dying due to lack of oxygen in the country’s capital. The Delhi High Court has slammed the Center in this regard. The Prime Minister or his colleagues should try to supply oxygen. It is most needed today. In addition, everyone is spreading poison by throwing carbon dioxide into the air. It’s time to dump her and move on.

I thought the Prime Minister’s speech would give me energy. ‘

It is also written on the face that, ‘According to Prime Minister Modi, the Corona crisis is big. It’s like a corona is a storm, but they don’t tell you how to protect yourself from the storm. People have lost their relatives. Prime Minister Modi expressed regret over this. But what are you doing to prevent ‘Yajna’ from growing? What is Maharashtra, what is the whole nation, Corona’s situation is fragile. I thought the Prime Minister’s speech would get energy. But ‘the crisis is great, you see yourself, be careful.’ This is the essence of his speech. What will happen to Daub!