Shruti Haasan About Holidaying Celebs During the Pandemic

Shruti Haasan shared this image. (courtesy of shrutzhaasan)


  • Several Bollywood stars have recently flown to the Maldives
  • “I’m glad they had a wonderful vacation, they deserved it,” she said
  • “It was a difficult time for everyone,” she added

New Delhi:

Many things have been said and written on the internet about Bollywood celebrities on vacation during the pandemic. Although it’s hard to overlook the alarming rise in COVID-19 cases across the country at an alarming rate and the collapse of the healthcare scenario, some Bollywood celebrities went on holiday to the Maldives at a time when people at home they fight for their lives. Among them are Alia Bhatt and her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor (both recently recovering from the virus), Disha Patani, Tiger Shroff, Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor and Pooja Bedi (who received flak for holidays in Goa). The Internet has labeled these famous holiday plans as “deaf in tone” and largely insensitive. Actress-singer Shrtuti Haasan seems to share a similar school of thought and believes that this may not be the best time to present “privileges in front of people”. The actress, in a recent interview with The Quint, said: “I did not personally feel that it was time to go without a mask in a swimming pool.”

“I’m glad they had a wonderful holiday, they deserved it. I personally didn’t feel like it was time to go to a swimming pool without a mask. It was a difficult time for everyone and for some people much more. I think Gratitude and gratitude for privileges is what is most important to know about throwing privileges in people’s faces, “Shruti Haasan said during the interview without mentioning any names.

In addition to Shruti Haasan, Bollywood publicist Rohini Iyer and columnist Shobhaa De have also called Bollywood celebrities for vacations in exotic locations, while much of the country is fighting for basic facilities such as oxygen and plasma cylinders.

Meanwhile, Shruti Haasan, in a recent post on Instagram, wrote about how he is facing the pandemic and added: “I wanted to stop for a second and acknowledge my anxiety – in my heart is a prayer for all those who suffer and meditate with a little good energy towards chaos. “She checked the instafam and wrote in her note: ‘Tell me how you feel – let’s try to help each other? Let me know if you want me to share information or something we should talk about? Case, here’s a huge hug for you “.