Soon we will have absolute clarity about the South African tour – Kohli


“It’s pretty natural (to be worried), we don’t play in normal times anyway.” © BCCI

There have been concerns about India’s upcoming South African tour, and doubts have been raised about the possibility of testing and limited tournaments following the release of the Omicron coronavirus variant that has alerted the world. . Virat Kohli, India’s test and ODI commander, said on Thursday (December 2nd) that a conversation had been initiated within the team and he expected the situation to be clarified soon. Kohli added that the situation is something that cannot be ignored and must be treated with a “realistic” approach.

“It’s quite natural (to be worried), we don’t play in normal times anyway. So there’s a lot of planning involved. There’s a lot of training involved in understanding exactly what’s going to happen. There are players who aren’t part of the group. who will be quarantined at the moment to join the team, in the balloon, to fly in a charter. Such things, you want to seek clarity as soon as possible, “Kohli told a news conference on India’s second Test against New Zealand.

“We talked to all the senior members of the team. Obviously, Rahul bhai started a conversation in the group, which is very important to know. At the end of the day we understand – our focus in the test match will not change regardless – but you want be clear and you want to be in a situation where you know exactly what’s going on. .

“It simply came to our notice then. We can’t just ignore the things that might put you in a confusing place. And no one wants to be there. I am sure that everyone is working hard to find clarity and provide us with the situation as it unfolds as soon as possible. We all hope that this will happen soon and, as I said, our main goal right now is the second Test. And the other things are taken care of at the same time, “Kohli added.

Although India A, who is currently in South Africa, continued the tournament, several other matches in South African countries were recently canceled. The second and third ODIs between South Africa and the Netherlands have been postponed, while the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup Qualifiers in Zimbabwe have been halved due to new travel restrictions. The three-nation series in Namibia, which hosted Oman and the United Arab Emirates, was also canceled due to the Omicron threat.

Cricket South Africa also canceled two 4-day Division matches, which were scheduled to take place on December 2-5, with some positive cases stemming from pre-arrival testing sessions. The CSA, however, added that the competition does not take place in a bio-secure environment, the CSA also announced that “the 3-day and 1-day matches in section B, with north and east, set for the same weekend, they have also been postponed until 2022 ”.

On Wednesday, the CSA expressed confidence in the BSE protocols. “CSA has established world-class standards and measures to ensure that all players, staff and officials are protected in this environment. Our main goal was to protect the biosphere of cricket by managing strict entry standards and limited movement outside its cordon. What I implemented. at our BSE it is a sanitary cordon that offers complete and continuous protection to all the people who respect and respect our very demanding guidelines and rules “, said Dr. Shuaib Manjra, chief physician of CSA.

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