Spoon bent, right needle: Geller joins the vaccine

Celebrity mystic Uri Geller joined Israel’s effort to vaccinate its elderly population against COVID-19 on Thursday, performing its spoon-bending trick for medical staff as it was injected.

“I did it!” Geller, 75, said after the spoon broke in his hand as the needle entered the other arm, to the applause of the spectators.

Spoon bent, right needle: Geller joins the vaccine

Celebrity mystic Uri Geller holds a spoon while performing his spoon-bending trick for medical staff while receiving a coronavirus vaccination in Jaffa, near Tel Aviv, Israel

(Photo: Reuters)

“Everyone over the age of 60 should get it right away,” said Geller, who has a second home in the UK. “This is very, very important for the whole planet.”

Israel launched its vaccination campaign on December 19 and hopes to have delivered the first blow and the most vulnerable 25% of its population by the end of January.

The TV host was not always so in line with the government’s position on the virus.

He was outraged in March, when the effects of the virus began to be felt around the world, claiming that the pathogen was made by China to give Iran a biological war.

The virus was accidentally spread, he said, when a Chinese person working on the alleged virus was accidentally infected.

“Covid-19 (Corona) was created and manufactured by MSS in China, while delivering the virus to Iran due to bacteriological warfare, due to which the virus was accidentally transmitted to a human,” he wrote on Instagram at the time.

“This is the real story behind the pandemic. There is still controversy among American scientists over whether the real virus is derived from bats, snakes or created in a laboratory.”