Stock market: investor wealth increases by 32.49 lakh crore in pandemic year 2020 | Business news from India

NEW DELHI: Equity investors enriched by £ 32.49 million in 2020, following smart returns on the stock market, which had a roller coaster ride during the year affected by the coronavirus pandemic
The outbreak of Covid-19 devastated lives and livelihoods on a global scale, blocking business and shaking global action.
But against the backdrop of the darkness, Indian stock indices have given hope of a return to earnings by the end of the year.
Sensex gained 15.7% in a memorable 2020 year, in which the BSE benchmark saw both relentless selling and massive buying.

The markets witnessed volatile trends during the year, with a reference level collapsing to a one-year low of 25,638.9 on March 24, to return to a record high of 47,896.97 on the last trading day.
Throughout the year, the sensex with 30 BSE shares recorded monthly gains in seven, while it closed with losses in five of them.
March turned out to be terrible for Dalal Street, with the sensex declining by 8,828.8 points or 23% during the month, as concerns about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy shook investors’ feelings.
It was a volatile last trading day for the market, with a BSE benchmark rising 5.11 points to reach its new closing record of 47,751.33.

For the whole year, the market capitalization of companies listed on BVB increased by 32,49,689.56 rupees to reach rupees.

“The effect of the March collapse was completely canceled in the months that followed, and markets grew much more to reach peak levels.
“While expectations of a return to economic growth and a resurgence of corporate revenues inspire unusual optimism in the markets, the fact that India will continue to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a broad consumer market and an extraordinary potential for growth and development, gives greater confidence not only to domestic investors but also to foreign investors, “said Joseph Thomas, head of research, Emkay Wealth Management.
“This is the single factor that would keep markets moving, but we need to be cautious about the pandemic, pay attention to its effective limitation in crucial geographies such as the US and the EU, and also rely on the implications of rising inflation and of rising oil prices in our interest rate expectations, “he added.
A number of initial board bids during the year, many of which received massive subscriptions, including Burger King India and Mrs Bectors Food Specialties, added to the market’s optimism.
“2020 has proved to be one of the most unpredictable years for everyone. Stock markets around the world have gone through a roller coaster ride this calendar year.
“Nifty-50 fell 40% between January and March and then rose 86% from March lows. Unprecedented fiscal and monetary support from governments and central banks led to massive influx of liquidity into global markets. India is one of the few emerging markets that receives strong flows of REITs, “said Rusmik Oza, executive vice president, chief research officer at Kotak Securities.

Reliance Industries Limited remained the most valuable company in the country, with a market valuation of 12,58,157.10 crore, followed by TCS (10,77,009,46 crore), HDFC Bank (7,91,312,61 crore), Hindustan Unilever Limited (5,62,378.04 crore)) and Infosys (5.34,940.34 million) in the top five.
“As we enter 2021, markets are at historic highs and show resilience amid liquidity, positive developments on the vaccine front and signs of economic recovery,” said Hemang Jani, chief strategist at Motilal Oswal Financial Services. distribution).
Vinod Nair, head of research at Geojit Financial Services, said: “Despite the ravages created by the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy is expected to recover in 2021, boosting stock markets as well as improving corporate earnings.”