Syria missile attack on Israeli nuclear base: Syria missile attack on Israeli nuclear base Latest Updates: Syrian missile attack on Israeli nuclear plant.

Tel Aviv
Syria has found it costly to launch missiles at Israel’s nuclear reactors. The missile is said to have landed in Israel’s Negev desert on Thursday morning. In the same area is the Shimon Peres Negev Atomic Research Center, where Israel built the first atomic bomb. Israel’s top secret reactors sounded threatening sirens after the Syrian missile attack. Upon learning of the attack, Israeli forces were on high alert for retaliation.

Israeli forces fired several missiles at Syria
At the behest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli military responded by blowing up several other targets, including a Syrian missile launcher. It is being said that the last several years have become the most contentious conflict between Israel and Syria. It is understood that Iranian militias operating in Syria are behind the incident.

Iran threatens Israel with retaliation
A few days ago, Iran detonated an explosive device at Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant, which is responsible for Israel. Iran’s foreign minister has openly threatened Israel and vowed revenge. Experts say the attack was carried out by Iranian-backed militias. He says that with the presidential election in Syria in a few days, he will think 100 times before taking any such action against a powerful country like Israel.

Israeli-Iranian tensions: Israeli PM will not allow Iran to build atomic bomb, says Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel has 80 to 90 nuclear weapons
The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in Sweden, which analyzes global weapons and global security, claims in a new annual report for 2020 that Israel has between 80 and 90 atomic bombs. Indeed, Israel fears that its greatest enemy, Iran, cannot develop nuclear weapons.

Israel will not allow Iran to build atomic bomb: Israel
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said that the Middle East is not a bigger threat than Iran. Iran has not given up its desire to carry nuclear weapons and has repeatedly threatened to destroy Israel. As Israel’s prime minister, I will never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons in order to commit genocide.