The dog saves his Pomeranian friend from drowning in the pool in an incredible video

Video capture of the viral video. (Credit: Facebook)

A dog named Jessie rescued a 15-year-old Pomeranian named Chucky who fell into a pool in South Africa.

A dog is considered a hero for rescuing a Pomeranian from drowning in its owner’s pool as the video of the South African incident went viral. Internet users, after watching the cute movie, praise the dog’s courage and wisdom in rescuing another dog. A dog named Jessie rescued a 15-year-old Pomeranian named Chucky who fell into the pool. The incident (recorded on a camera) took place in Johannesburg at a swimming pool belonging to a couple named Byron Thanarayen and Melissa Thanarayen. Byron shared CCTV footage of the incident on Facebook, showing Jessie pulling Chucky out of the water.

In the video, Chucky is seen sitting very close to the edge of the pool. Moments later, he slipped and woke up in the pool. Later, the dog flew while trying to be on the waterline. While the canine was fighting, Jessie came to the rescue. After seeing him, the black labrador tried to find ways to save him. At first, she was a little cautious because she was afraid of water. However, he pushed everything aside and lifted Chucky out of the pool with his teeth.

It appears the couple was not home when the incident occurred. The duo was confused when they found both dogs wet when they returned. However, after checking the security room, they discovered that Chucky had fallen into the pool. Shortly after the video was posted on Facebook, it went viral. Impressed by Jessie’s intelligence, netizens praised her. They were also relieved that Chucky was saved and was healthy and wholesome.

To avoid such misfortunes in the future, the couple intends to cover the pool. They said a pool cover would be installed, in the hope that such an incident would not happen again.

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