The first week and a half is especially dangerous after being discharged from the hospital

New York: Many studies have shown earlier that in the first few months after their stay in Covid-19 Hospital, patients face a high risk of ongoing health problems, trips back to the hospital and even death, but now researchers have found that the first week and a half can be especially dangerous.

Patients with Covid-19 had a 40% to 60% higher risk of hospitalization or death in the first 10 days compared to similar patients treated in the same hospitals in the same months for heart failure or pneumonia.

By the end of the 60 days, the overall risk of readmission or death of patients with Covid-19 was lower than for the other two serious conditions, the results found in the journal JAMA.

Even so, in the first two months, nine percent of Covid-19 patients who survived hospitalization died and nearly 20 percent suffered an obstacle that sent them back to the hospital.

This is in addition to the 18.5% who died during hospitalization.

“By comparing the long-term outcomes of Covid-19 patients with those of other seriously ill patients, we see an even higher type of risk than usual in the first two to two weeks, which can be a risky period for anyone.” Said the author of the study from the University of Michigan in the USA.

The most common reasons listed for re-hospitalization were Covid-19, cited in 30% of patients, and sepsis observed in 8.5%. More than 22 percent of readmitted veterans went to the intensive care unit.

Unfortunately, this is even more evidence that Covid-19 is not “one and done.” For many patients, Covid-19 seems to trigger cascades of problems that are just as serious as those we see in other diseases, ”the team wrote.

The research team hopes to continue to study new data from Veterans Hospitals (VA) and non-VA hospitals as they become available and compare Covid-19 post-hospital outcomes with those for other serious conditions.

“Comparisons with hospitalized patients for influenza and other viral diseases would be important to study, given the widespread false claims that Covid-19 is only a minor disease,” they said.