The government is launching a communication strategy for the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine

The government is launching a communication strategy for the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine

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New Delhi, December 31: The Union Ministry of Health on Thursday launched a communication strategy to support the launch of COVID-19 vaccine in India, which aims to disseminate accurate and transparent information by improving retention and ensuring its acceptance.
The 88-page document details information to guide communication activities at the national, state and district levels to enable information on COVID-19 vaccines and the vaccination process to reach all people in all states in the country.
“The Communication Strategy in Support of the Launch of COVID-19 Vaccines in India seeks to disseminate timely, accurate and transparent information about the vaccine (s) to alleviate fears about the vaccine, ensure its acceptance and encourage absorption.” he said.
According to the document, the strategy aims to manage and mitigate any potential disappointment expressed by unsatisfied vaccine demand or “impatience” among people and address the “hesitation” of the vaccine that may arise due to fears about vaccine safety, effectiveness beyond any other.
myths and misconceptions.
It also aims to provide information on potential risks and mitigate the unintended crisis during introduction and launch.
“The strategy also aims to build trust and allow greater trust in the COVID-19 vaccine among all people by using transparency in communication, while managing any errors / misinformation and rumors around it,” he said. .
The Ministry of Health intends to do this in three ways. First, the use of social influence or approval from experts and official voices to explain the immunization process (where, how, who, when – date and time); emphasize the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and explain the decision to drive the vehicle in a staged manner.
Second, the ministry intends to set up a national rapid media response cell (NMRRC) under its ambition to provide training through media monitoring and social listening to respond in real time. It will also conduct media and public speaking through extensive monitoring of written, electronic and digital media.
Third, this will be done by involving community mobilizers and front-line workers to engage with the community at various levels through community consultations, religious leaders and religious meetings, youth employment, civil society organizations, car groups. -help, panchaiate and other community activities platforms.
The four key areas that will be addressed as part of the strategy’s interventions are: providing information on COVID-19 vaccines, addressing vaccine hesitation, building the desire for vaccination, along with maintaining and supporting appropriate COVID behaviors.
In the event of any adverse effects after immunization (EFSA), the strategy focuses on supporting mobilizers and the health workforce in crisis management, calling on the community to remain calm while awaiting an appropriate diagnosis and preventing a aggressive behavior against health workers.

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