The latest Apex Legends stories from the Outlands reveal more about Pathfinder

In the latest Outlands Stories, fans are introduced to the creator of Pathfinder and take a look at the important events he has witnessed.

Respawn released the ninth Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands animated film, “Fight Night”, which reveals quite a bit about Pathfinder’s past. The story follows Victor Maldera, a former police officer who was fired after failing to catch Alexander Nox, also known as Apex Legend Caustic.

The animated story teases the creator of Pathfinder and his purpose, while keeping enough secrets to keep fans on their feet. The video also contains a lot of Easter eggs for previous traditions and released stories. The largest already involves the Wattson, Caustic and Crypto trio, while the smallest are indicators to Loba, Revenant and Forge.

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Although there are suggestions about the traditions mentioned above throughout the video, the most important scenes to note are those that come from Pathfinder memories. After Victor falsely assumes that Pathfinder is a lethal weapon, he uses an unknown technique to access Path’s internal memory archives. We see that Pathfinder is fired from several jobs, but a memory that stands out is one of Humbert’s labs, with the allegedly dead Dr. Nox in front and in the center. With this new knowledge, Victor can come to the absolute conclusion that Alexander Nox is still alive.

In an attempt to return to the Nox footage, he lands on some of the coolest Easter eggs in the entire video. In one clip, we will see that Path was a man of the time for Typhon and was predicted in the middle when the planet exploded. This was put as a tribute Titanfall 2, as it ended with that planet being destroyed. In the next clip, we see that Pathfinder was still working at the restaurant where Loba’s parents were killed when the attack took place. It has been suggested that he was hired at Tenmei in a season 4 loading screen, where he listened to cooking instructions for the restaurant’s famous Leviathan Stew.

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Finally, we see the creator of Pathfinder leaving a video diary for him. She says he is their seeker and was created for a great purpose. On the screen, she is identified as “Dr. Amelie P ”and activates an emergency self-destruction protocol. The essential things to mention about the doctor are her familiar French accent and her last initial, P. Fans hurried to make contact with the well-known French scientist Wattson, who grew up without a mother and whose name happens to be Paquette. .

All the while, the crowd is on its way to gather Pathfinder after a mobster’s bullet bounced off Path’s chest and returned directly to the shooter, killing him. The first mobster to greet him disconnects Victor’s unknown device and puts an end to the video signal. With Pathfinder, a valuable witness to the Nox case, Victor leads the pair to overtake a few smaller mobsters and steal their airship as an escape vehicle.

The mob continues to pursue Pathfinder and Victor, and in a moment of weakness, Victor betrays Pathfinder only to be instantly betrayed and shot by a Specter enemy. Pathfinder ends up discovering a battle pistol and having a wonderful battle with a Specter over a moving ship that he manages to win. Victor is able to recover from the shot he received to support Pathfinder, shooting the main mobster from the enemy ship and giving the two a chance to escape.

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Once Pathfinder has caught the two safe, it is clear that he is in critical condition and that his files are deleted. Victor quickly tries to access the memories of Nox and Humbert Labs again, but instead gives Pathfinder what he thinks is his death wish, another look at his creator’s video diary. Dr. Amelie’s video tries to play, but with the damage Pathfinder suffered, the video was corrupted and omitted. We can see that his role is vital to the survival of the Outlands and that he must share something important.

Pathfinder seems to close while the doctor repeats that he was made for a great purpose. I don’t think Pathfinder will be back again, Victor said goodbye, leaving his robot friend behind on a pile of garbage. It is clear that Victor will return to the search for Alexander Nox, which is now confirmed at the end of the video. However, years later, Caustic is still in play in the Pathfinder Apex the story begins with him waking up from a dumpster with no memories.

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Another important thing to note is that “Fight Night” also suggested that Crypto and Mila’s adoptive mother is related to Caustic and possibly her real mother. This makes the story between Wattson, Caustic and Crypto more confusing than we could have imagined. Finally, another small clue to Crypto was at the beginning of the animated film. The mobster trying to shoot Pathfinder and shoot himself can be seen receiving a call from a “QW”. In the previous stories in the Outland video “Forever Family”, the person who sent Crypto and Mila the prediction program of the Apex Games algorithm gave only the initials “QW”. This person ended up destroying Crypto’s life with the program, while people came to hunt down the two adopted brothers for accessing it, and Crypto had to hide.

Adding “Fight Night” to the Stories from the Outlands collection not only connects a lot of points to different legends; it also leaves the story open for even greater growth and development. It will be fascinating to see where the stories of the legends continue to go as Respawn grows his family dispute.

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