The Lost Gods DLC shows the game from a whole new perspective

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s latest DLC, The Lost God, shows players the fantastic realm of Greek mythology from a whole new perspective.

Fenyx Rising Immortalsnext DLC, The Lost Gods, launches tomorrow, and the developers have taken a brief look at what players can expect during a live stream today. DLC makes a lot of changes Fenyx Rising Immortals, including a new protagonist, new gods and a bird’s eye view.

Ubisoft has launched Fenyx Rising Immortals in December last year, and the third-person action RPG was well received by critics at launch. It was followed by two different DLCs, with the second, Myths of the Eastern Land, bringing a new protagonist and pantheon of the gods into the game, as the Greek mythology of the basic game for the Chinese was avoided.

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As much as Myths of the Eastern Land it was an important step for Fenyx Rising Immortals, The lost gods it seems to be even more so. While the new DLC returns to Greek Mythology, its new perspective is more similar to what players would expect from games like Devil, and has some big changes in the game. Much of what it makes up Fenyx Rising ImmortalsThe basic game is still present in The lost gods, including a sense of humor and exploration. Although, the new perspective eliminates a lot of basic game features, such as mountaineering, and changes the fight to be more inspired by the fighters.

During the live broadcast, developer Julien Galloudec pointed out that although much of the experience has been changed to DLC, there is still much of what players have loved in Fenyx Rising Immortals into the The lost gods. He also discusses how the decision was made so that developers can take advantage of the new camera angle to offer players new types of challenges and mechanics. Galloudec also discussed how changing the camera ties in well with the game’s story and reflects the protagonist Fenyx’s place in the DLC.

It’s a very bold move to make a DLC for a game so completely different from the experience the players had before. The change could very well remove many of them Fenyx Rising Immortalsfans, but it could also lead to a very unique experience if it were good enough. Hopefully, The lost gods is able to deliver enough of what was loved in the basic game to satisfy the fans. Given that this new DLC is so different, it will be fascinating to see what else the future holds for the world. Fenyx Rising Immortals and many other Ubisoft series.

Fenyx Rising Immortals is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stage, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. The lost gods DLC will be released on April 22.

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